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The MC30C Frigate, also referred to simply as the MC30c, was a class of Mon Calamari frigate that was deployed by the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and subsequently the New Republic, during the Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire.


An MC30C Frigate launches a salvo of proton torpedoes.

The MC30C Frigate, or MC30c, was a class of high-speed attack frigate that was manufactured by Mon Calamari Shipyards and cost 9,500,000 credits per unit. They were originally city-ships, as with other Mon Calamari starships, but were retrofitted for warfare. The MC30c was one of the most powerful mid-level starships in the arsenal of the Alliance Fleet and was capable of inflicting major damage on hostile warships in a short period of time. For this, the MC30c was fitted with two forward-mounted heavy proton torpedo launchers, eight port and eight starboard turret-mounted medium turbolasers, along with five port, five starboard, three forward and three aft twin medium laser cannons. It was also equipped with two port, two starboard, one forward, and one aft cluster bomb launchers.[1]

Additionally, the MC30c was one of the fastest frigates that was manufactured by Mon Calamari Shipyards, and was capable of maintaining the same pace or overtaking starfighters and escort vessels. It was equipped with a primary class 1 hyperdrive and a class 15 as a backup, and used a navigation computer. It had a long-range sensor and carried two years of consumables. It was crewed by 820 officers and enlisted personnel and carried ninety-five soldiers.[1]

Despite the speed and firepower it boasted, the MC30c was considered to be lightly armored,[1] although it was heard by New Republic pilot Captain Nath Tensent that they could hold their own against Star Destroyers.[2] The MC30c was outfitted with a Mon Calamari-designed defense shield, which was famous for giving significant protection against enemy fire. Once the shield was breached, however, an MC30c could be easily destroyed under sustained turbolaser fire or bomber attack. Because of this, the MC30c rarely operated outside of a main fleet, and used its cluster bombs to defend itself.[1]

Two MC30cs escort a Pelta-class Command Cruiser.

When in combat against hostile warships, the MC30c used its turbolasers from long-range and moves in closer to the target at medium-range in order to use its proton torpedo launchers.[1] As a heavily armed mid-sized vessel, it usd these launchers to saturate and overwhelm the defenses of larger targets.[3] Although risky, the MC30c at times concentrated its shields to the front in order to protect from counterattack, while also launching cluster bombs and firing its laser cannons in minion groups to defend against starfighters. If there were bombers present, a tactic MC30cs used was to maintain its defense zones balanced and fired its lasers in groups of three and five to tag and destroy the bombers.[1]


Due to not being able to operate after sustained enemy fire, the MC30cs were typically only found in Alliance fleet groups, and used its armaments to defend the fleet units against enemy frigates, cruisers, and Star Destroyers.[1]


Alliance service[]

After the commencement of the invasion of Mon Cala and the escape of the Mon Calamari Exodus Fleet, other Mon Cala city-ships managed to escape after the first wave.[4] Some of these city-ships were the MC30C Frigates, which were then retrofitted for combat and added to the naval arsenal of the Alliance to Restore the Republic in its fight against the Galactic Empire and became a mainstay at central Alliance naval fleets.[1]

Two MC30C Frigates were part of the Allied Armada that participated in the Battle of Xorrn.

During the later phases of the Battle of Xorrn in the Galactic Civil War between a naval task force of the Galactic Empire and an allied group of Rebel Alliance forces, Old Mandalorians, and Foundry Four residents, the Rebel Alliance dispatched the Allied Armada as reinforcements. This naval squadron consisted of two MC80 Liberty Type Heavy Star Cruisers, two MC30C Frigates, one GR-75 medium transport, and four other starships. Additionally, the naval squadron contained six fighter wings. The naval squadron then attacked the Imperial task force, resulting in an allied victory on Xorrn.[5]

At one point, two MC30C Frigates escorted a Pelta-class Command Cruiser above a celestial body,[6] while in another instance, an MC30C Frigate launched a salvo of proton torpedoes in a combat engagement.[3] Additionally at another moment, an MC30C was attacked by an Imperial TIE/d "Defender" Multi-Role Starfighter from Onyx Squadron.[7]

New Republic service[]

The MC30C Frigate continued to serve the successor state of the Rebel Alliance during the war, the New Republic,[2] in 5 ABY.[8] At least one MC30C Frigate participated in the Battle of Jakku, the final battle of the Galactic Civil War, against Imperial loyalist forces. Like other starships and battle groups, it was given an assignment during the battle, although it eventually became engulfed by a serpent-like blue flame as TIE fighters maneuvered around the frigate's hull while in space above Jakku's surface.[2]

Alphabet Squadron Captain Nath Tensent observed the flaming MC30c and recalled that he was not aware of the frigate's particular assignment. Soon during the course of the battle, Captain Tensent assumed that the ship's reactor was breached when the MC30c turned bright and burst like a supernova, sending a shockwave as waves of flaming gas churned through the area. The TIE fighters near the MC30c rode the shockwave, and began engaging Tansent and his forces. Eventually, the Battle of Jakku resulted in a New Republic victory, and the Empire signed the Galactic Concordance following its conclusion.[2]



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