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The MC75 star cruiser, also referred to as the MC75 cruiser, or the MC75 modified star cruiser, was a model of Star Cruiser in the service of the Alliance Fleet. One such ship, the Profundity served as Admiral Raddus's flagship during the Battle of Scarif.


Heavy Ion Emplacements SWA

An MC75 cruiser's armament engaging TIE fighters

The MC75 Star Cruiser, or alternatively the MC75 modified Star Cruiser,[1] was a former Mon Calamari city-ship converted into a war cruiser by the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The enormous vessel stood at 1,204.44 meters in length, and was powered by twelve Kuat Drive Yards Gemon-15 sublight ion drives repurposed to give the massive vessel a cruising speed to match starfighter escorts. These sublight drives were shrouded beneath the engineering plane of the heat-dissipating engineering structure.[1]

The refits carried out at deep-space facilities afforded these cruisers reinforced battleship hulls and a weapon collar modification to hold primary weapons and shield generators. The armored forward hull rendered the ship's concealed deflector shield generators redundant, though a deflector shield emitter array was fitted to the aft. The MC75 boasted twenty point-defense laser cannons, twelve broadside turbolasers, four heavy ion cannons, twelve proton torpedo launchers, and six tractor beam projectors concealed within a port forward of the weapon collar.[1]

Mon Calamari Exodus Fleet SWA

Several ships that were part of the Mon Calamari Exodus Fleet

An armored outrigger fin on the ventral hull held the command bridge pod and receiver array, opposite a dorsal communications transmission mast and sensor cluster. These blade-like fins, coupled with the vessel's tapered profile, were design choices intended to trigger primal fears of predatory fish among the aquatic Mon Calamari. Next to the rear of the ventral outrigger fin was an ordnance pod. The city-ship's former civic atrium was hollowed out and converted into a docking bay and starship service area, overseen by a hangar traffic control suite protected by overlapping shields and magnetic containment fields to keep oxygen and pressure regulated.[1]

There were at least two variants to the ship class, including the MC75 Armored Cruiser and the MC75 Ordnance Cruiser.[7]


Early serviceEdit

Rebel capital ship

The Profundity at the Battle of Scarif

When the Galactic Empire occupied the ocean planet of Mon Cala in 18 BBY,[8] the native Mon Calamari began a mass exodus from their homeworld, taking many of their enormous city-ships with them. The MC75 Star Cruiser Profundity, one of the many spaceworthy structures that operated as transports and passenger liners, was originally the civic governance tower in Nystullum, and was among the vessels converted into warships by the rebellion at deep-space facilities.[1] The MC75 cruisers were only the first wave of ships to escape Mon Cala however, with other waves of starships following.[2]

By 2 BBY when Phoenix Cell had acquired a Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier in the Ryloth system, the Telaris rebel stardocks completed its conversion into war production facilities and began refitting the MC75 star cruiser Profundity alongside the MC80A star cruisers Home One and Nautilian. A report on the operations in the shipyards in the Telaris cometary cloud from Colonel Anj Zavor to Commander-in-Chief Mon Mothma was added to The Rebel Files.[9] In 0 BBY,[10] the Profundity was one of the first battle-ready capital ships and became the flagship of Admiral Raddus, the former mayor of Nystullum.[1]

After Rogue One defied orders from Alliance High Command and infiltrated Scarif to steal the Death Star plans, the Rebel Alliance ultimately decided to deploy its forces and assist, culminating in the Battle of Scarif, the opening battle of the Galactic Civil War. Admiral Raddus led Alliance forces from the bridge of the Profundity and eventually received a rebel transmission from the surface of Scarif that contained the plans. Before the Profundity and remaining Alliance ships could escape, the Death Star and the Imperial flagship Devastator arrived. As a result, several Alliance ships were destroyed and the Profundity was damaged and unable to escape, succumbing to a boarding action led by Darth Vader. After Imperial forces boarded the ship, Raddus was killed and rebel troops were massacred, although the Death Star plans were managed to be brought aboard to the Tantive IV, which was docked in the hangar.[5] With the loss of Admiral Raddus and the Profundity, Admiral Gial Ackbar had command of the other Alliance Fleet elements that were not dispatched to Scarif. Prior to the Battle of Yavin, Admiral Ackbar sent a report to Commander-in-Chief Mon Mothma on the defense of Yavin 4, as well as the grave threats possible from Imperial actions. Also in the report, Admiral Ackbar assured that while the Profundity's loss was felt, the fight went on with the Home One as the new Alliance flagship. Ackbar's report was also included in The Rebel Files.[9]

Battle above Cianap VDV1

An MC75 star cruiser in a battle above Cianap.

After the mutiny of the Mon Cala Mercantile Fleet, at least five MC75 Star Cruisers were present at the Mako-Ta Space Docks.[11] At some point during the Galactic Civil War, at least one Rebel Alliance MC75 star cruiser participated in a battle above Cianap against the Imperial forces led by Darth Vader.[12] Also during the Galactic Civil War, an MC75 star cruiser with red livery engaged an Interdictor-class Star Destroyer and other Imperial forces. The MC75 star cruiser participated alongside at least two EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigates and starfighters.[13]

In 34 ABY,[14] after The Rebel Files were recovered by the Resistance, Ackbar and Ushos O. Statura wrote annotations on the report Zavor wrote to Mothma about the Telaris rebel stardocks and the status of the Profundity.[9]

Behind the scenesEdit

The MC75 star cruiser first appeared in the 2016 live-action film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[5]


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