The MC80B Star Cruiser was a Mon Calamari warship produced for the fledgling New Republic fleet. The Mon Remonda was the first MC80B Star Cruiser.



The MC80B had a roughly similar look to earlier models, but optimized the amount of guns available for a frontal assault by positioning them in forward-facing clusters around the ship. The class had its main reactor located on the ventral side of the vessel, while its bridge was located on the dorsal side, amidship. Hangar bays were located on the flanks of the ship.

Offensive and defensive systems

MC80B schematics.

An interim design, the MC80B was an improvement over the original MC80. The MC80B had a much more heavily reinforced hull, and featured multiple backup deflector shield generators[2] resulting in superior shielding.[3] Spread across the hull were turbolaser and shield projector blisters. A sensor cluster was located at the tip of the bow. Built for durability, these ships were able to withstand heavy damage while blasting through the more limited shielding of Imperial ships.

The MC80B was armed with forty-eight turbolasers and twenty ion cannons. These weapons were linked in banks of twelve and four respectively, allowing the MC80B to easily concentrate its fire upon a single target.[2] The MC80B outgunned an Imperial Star Destroyer.[7]

Hangar complement

The MC80B cruiser carried four starfighter squadrons. Later ships in this line were refitted to hold up to eight squadrons. The standard fighter complement included one A-wing, two X-wings and one B-wing squadron.[2]


Like the MC80, and unlike the later MC90 Star Cruiser, the MC80B was not designed to accommodate different species. Holographic displays and monitors were optimized for Mon Calamari vision, and some controls required movements that were nearly impossible for Humans to perform.[2]


Mon Remonda

The first ship of this line was Mon Remonda, which entered service approximately a year and a half after the Battle of Endor. These capable ships led the forces of the New Republic during its formative years, and were supplanted by the MC90 Star Cruiser four years later.[2]

The MC80B would continue to serve in the New Republic Navy throughout the Yuuzhan Vong War. When the government transitioned into the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, the vessel continued to see frontline use.[6]

Behind the scenes

In Part 12 of Jason Fry's endnotes for The Essential Guide to Warfare, Paul R. Urquhart considered mentioning in the book that the Republic-class Star Destroyer and the MC80B Star Cruiser were intended to be the same ship under different names, but it was ultimately cut from the final version.[8]



Notes and references

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