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"He's dying, Mix. I'll do what I can, but it might not be enough."
―MD-0C6, to Mix Liddell, on Byrch Dyshkava[3]

MD-0C6, commonly known as Doc, was a self-customized Industrial Automaton MD-series medical droid and the local physician in Bartyn's Landing, a coastal town on Lamaredd. Initially the property of an employee of the Outer Rim Oreworks Company, MD-0C6 eventually became an independent droid. After not receiving a memory wipe for over five centuries, MD-0C6 developed personality quirks and, as the only doctor in the city, became a well-respected member of his community, known for his strict priorities—namely, the patient's health before anything else. At some point during his career, MD-0C6 obtained a small, hovering medical assistant, designated F-RTZ-2, or "Fritz."

Some time later, MD-0C6 saved the life of a young Mon Calamari policeman, Mix Liddell, after Liddell's encounter with the outlaw Byrch "The Padawan" Dyshkava. After this event, the gruff droid befriended then–Security Chief Liddell, and they made several sailing trips together. Forty years later, a few years before the Battle of Naboo, Liddell brought a wounded Dyshkava to MD-0C6 to see whether the droid could save the criminal's life.


MD-0C6 was a medical droid from the MD-series of medical specialists[2] manufactured by Industrial Automaton.[1] The droid claimed that he was the property of an employee of Outer Rim Oreworks (ORO). His master worked for the exploratory branch of Outer Rim Oreworks and was a trusted member of a team led by Hugo Bartyn, an entrepreneurial, ambitious ORO scout.[2] During an expedition for which MD-0C6 served as chief medical droid,[4] the team discovered that the planet Lamaredd could be a profitable investment for ORO, and they convinced the company to buy it for mining purposes. Bartyn, however, actually wanted to build his own coastal town and enrich himself by fishing.[2] Over five centuries later, a few years before the Battle of Naboo[3] of 32 BBY,[5] MD-0C6 claimed that it was he who had come up with the name "Bartyn's Landing" for the town, but this statement was controversial.[2]

Bartyn's Landing was MD-0C6's home

MD-0C6 became the medical droid for the town's original settlers and miners.[2] He eventually became an independent droid, but he continued with his work as a doctor[2][4] using his bacta tank.[2] The community eventually nicknamed him "Doc,"[2][4] and the droid came to be respected by the locals. During this time, he also improved his own robotic body with the available parts and obtained a medical assistant in the form of the little hovering droid designated F-RTZ-2 and nicknamed "Fritz."[2]

Some time later, MD-0C6 healed Mix Liddell, a young Mon Calamari junior constable—or "Second"—and the only survivor of a raid against Dark Jedi and outlaw leader Byrch "The Padawan" Dyshkava. After spending time in a bacta tank, Liddell returned to work and became the Security Chief, arresting Dyshkava. Dyshkava escaped, but the threat that he posed had ended. Liddell became a well-liked sheriff in the community and a personal friend to MD-0C6, and he and the droid often made sailing trips together. The droid considered Liddell to be the best constable that the Landing had had in all its history[2]—of which MD-0C6 had been a witness.[2][4]

Forty years later, a few years before the Battle of Naboo,[3] a fungal plague devastated the remote community of Little Mon Cal on the other side of the planet. MD-0C6 and some security agents traveled there by boat to deliver much-needed medical supplies. They had an encounter with pirates who wanted to steal the valuable cargo and hold it for ransom.[2]

Later that year, Dyshkava returned to Bartyn's Landing and was severely injured in a duel. Liddell found Dyshkava and took him to a cell, but he also called for MD-0C6 so that Dyshkava could receive medical care. MD-0C6 and F-RTZ-2 did their best, but the MD admitted that it could be too late to save Dyshkava. Although Dyshkava awoke and was questioned by Liddell, MD-0C6 insisted on making his patient rest. As a consequence of Dyshkava's reappearance, Liddell hired some new Seconds, and MD-0C6 provided them with the few medpacs he could spare.[3]


With a personality that developed over at least five centuries, MD-0C6 exhibited several character traits, including gruffness. However, people around him knew that he was only rough for his patients' benefit: MD-0C6 rudely expelled anyone who might disturb an ill person's rest, and he could be abrupt with a patient exhibiting self-destructive behavior. His patients were his utmost priority; an attitude that led the inhabitants of Bartyn's Landing to like him[2] to the point that the droid participated in the town's management.[4] While at work, MD-0C6 accepted the help of qualified organics, although he grumbled all the while.[3] Other droids considered MD-0C6's curmudgeonly personality to be quaint.[4] MD-0C6 was fluent in both Galactic Basic Standard and binary languages.[2]

Unlike most droids, MD-0C6 liked water. He owned a repulsorsail skiff and enjoyed sailing along with his friend, Mix Liddell, whenever he was not on duty. He stayed in touch with F-RTZ-2 via comlink during these trips in case MD-0C6's skills were needed.[2]


MD-0C6 generally looked like an Industrial Automaton MD-series droid, and as such he was equipped with the common parts of a droid that model, including a diagnostic package, a heuristic processor, an improved sensor package, a medical diagnosis computer, a translator unit, and a vocabulator. Throughout his long life, MD-0C6 added several available parts to himself, including blaster-resistant armor; a retractile, shoulder-mounted blaster; increased storage space; and repulsor units from an old speederboat to increase his own mobility. Except for the repulsor unit that replaced his lower half, most of these modifications were not apparent at a glance.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

MD-0C6 was created by writer Cory J. Herndon and was featured in the article Bartyn's Landing[2] and in the roleplaying adventure Reckonings, both of which were published in the magazine Star Wars Gamer #7 (2001).[3] He had an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia (2008) that included some new information and contradicted Star Wars Gamer by saying that MD-0C6 had had regular memory wipes.[4] This article considers that piece of information a typo, because MD-0C6 not having had memory wipes was an essential part of the character's background in the Bartyn's Landing article.[2]



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