"The ones we captured—two stormtroopers and all five of the transport's crew—refuse to talk. I have them in detention, isolated from each other. I've had an Emdee-oh and Emdee-one droid engaged in postmortems of the troopers we killed. With luck something will give us an idea where they came from."
―Wedge Antilles reports on the situation following the Imperial raid on Talasea[src]

MD-0 medical droids were medical droids made by Industrial Automaton. They were part of the MD-series medical specialist droid line and had specialized diagnostic sensors in their six-fingered hands.


The MD-0 was part of the MD-series of medical droids manufactured by Industrial Automaton.[1] Standing 1.5 Imperial standard meters tall,[4] the MD-0 was similar in design to the 2-1B surgical droid, which Industrial Automaton also produced.[2] Like other models of the MD-series, the MD-0 shared a body type with its production siblings, and was possessed of a torso with two arms and a cranial unit.[4] The bipedal[3] lower half of the unit was protected by a surgical gown to protect its delicate mechanisms. The unit had dexterous hands with two opposable thumbs and a web of medical diagnostic sensors to assist in its primary function of patient diagnosis.[2] MD-0 droids were ambidextrous,[3] and some models were fitted with Cognitive Matrix analysis packages for psychoanalysis.[2]

A first-degree droid,[3] models of the MD-series were generally covered in gray plating with green highlights, and had yellow photoreceptors.[4] They were readily available for purchase, and cost 2,000 credits.[3] The torso also contained a connection socket located on the lower torso to allow the droid to directly connect to a computer.[2]


"Their nightmare is that some Emdee-oh droid with a Cognitive Matrix analysis package will unscramble your brain and declare you cured in a week or two. They'd have to let you go free, which would make the justice system seem impotent."
―Nawara Ven[src]

MD-0 droids were designed to assist doctors in diagnosing patients. To do so, they were equipped with various sensors, including thermometers, blood pressure gauges, x-ray scanners, magnetic resonance imagers, ultrasounders, and comp scans. They employed a vocabulator to question patients and could analyze an individual's voice stress patterns and body language.[1] MD-0s examined the patient and catalogued symptoms, then compared them to an internal medical diagnostic computer, which contained a database of known illnesses, to identify possible ailments.[2] MD-0s specialized in biology and chemistry, and were programmed to speak, read, and write Galactic Basic Standard.[3]


MD-0 diagnostic droid

The specialized hand of an MD-0

Introduced in the early years of the Galactic Empire, the MD-0 was a success in the field of modern medical droids.[4] Constructed on the droid factory world of Telti,[2] they were employed by both the Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War.[5] The Empire stationed an MD-0 droid aboard their EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Far Orbit. The droid performed initial diagnosis on patients reporting to sick bay, and assisted the ship's MD-5 droid during triage situations.[6]

The Alliance's successor state, the New Republic, employed an MD-0 on the planet Talasea during Rogue Squadron's posting to the world, and it performed post-mortem examinations on Imperial soldiers killed during the raid on the Alliance base in 6 ABY in an effort to locate clues to where the attackers had been deployed from. The resulting examination discovered the soldiers had been exposed to Rachuk Roseola, a skin irritant only found on the planet Vladet, which led to the Alliance retaliating against the Empire.[5] An MD-0 was also employed by the New Republic on the galactic capital Coruscant during the height of the Krytos virus epidemic. One accompanied Gavin Darklighter and Asyr Sei'lar as they investigated a Gamorrean victim of the plague.[7]

MD-0 units were still in use by the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War.[3]



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