"The ones we captured—two stormtroopers and all five of the transport's crew—refuse to talk. I have them in detention, isolated from each other. I've had an Emdee-oh and Emdee-one droid engaged in postmortems of the troopers we killed. With luck something will give us an idea where they came from."
―Wedge Antilles reports on the situation following the Imperial raid on Talasea[src]

The MD-1 was a model of medical droid and a part of the MD-series that was manufactured by Industrial Automaton. It was slightly humanoid in appearance, possessed the ability to project holograms, and was specialized in laboratory chemical analysis.


Manufactured by Industrial Automaton,[1] the MD-1 was a first-degree droid[3] that was part of the company's range of MD-series of medical droids.[1] Like all MD-series droids, the MD-1 resembled Industrial Automation's earlier design, the 2-1B surgical droid,[2] and was 1.5 Imperial standard meters tall.[4] The unit consisted of a torso with two arms and a cranial unit,[4] and was bipedal[3] with lower half of the unit covered by a surgical gown to protect its internal mechanisms.[2] MD-1 droids were ambidextrous.[3]

Units of the MD-series were generally covered in gray plating with green highlights, and had yellow photoreceptors.[4] Costing 2,000 credits a unit, they were available for purchase throughout the galaxy.[3] The torso also contained a connection socket located on the lower half to allow the droid to directly connect to a computer.[2]


MD-1 droids were designed as laboratory technicians, and were able to perform routine and advanced laboratory analysis on bacteria, germs, poisons, and diseases. They were employed to develop vaccines and antibiotics.[1]


Constructed on the droid factory world of Telti,[2] they were employed by both the Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War.[5] Aboard the Imperial EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Far Orbit, an MD-1 droid oversaw the sick bay's laboratory.[6]

The Alliance's successor state, the New Republic, employed an MD-1 to assist a 2-1B surgical droid in performing an examination on Urlor Sette, a former Alliance prisoner of war who was rigged to be killed by an internal device installed by Ysanne Isard. When Rogue Squadron pilot mentioned Sette's name, the internal mechanism was triggered, killing the man.[7]

During the Yuuzhan Vong war, an MD-1 droid performed laboratory tests on the healing properties of the tears of the Fosh, Vergere.[8]



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