The MD-2 was a model of medical droid and a part of the MD-series that was manufactured by Industrial Automaton. It was slightly humanoid in appearance.

This droid model had an extensive knowledge of chemistry and was used as an anesthesiologist assistant with specialized appendages for the task.


Constructed and marketed by Industrial Automaton,[2] the MD-2 was a first-degree droid,[3] part of series of medical droids designated as the MD-series.[2] The MD-2, like other variant productions of the MD-series, was similar in design to the 2-1B surgical droid, another of Industrial Automaton's products.[1] Standing at a height of 1.5 Imperial standard meters,[4] the MD-2 had a cranial unit attached to a torso with two arms.[4] The lower half of the droid was bipedal[3] with the internal mechanisms protected by a surgical gown.[1] MD-2 droids were ambidextrous.[3]

Gray plating generally covered MD-series droids, highlighted in green with yellow photoreceptors.[4] MD-2s cost 2,000 credits to buy, and were commonly available for purchase throughout the galaxy.[3] The torso also contained a connection socket located on the lower half to allow the droid to directly connect to a computer.[1]


MD-2 anesthesiologist

An MD-2's breath mask appendage

MD-2 droids were intended for use as anaesthesiologists, and were equipped with breath masks and anaesthetic dispensers on their hands. MD-2 droids monitored vital functions during surgery and controlled circulation, respiration and nervous system.[2]


Constructed on the droid factory world of Telti,[1] they were employed by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. Aboard the Imperial EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Far Orbit, an MD-2 droid was responsible for assisting the MD-4 droid with surgery, as well as consulting with the MD-1 over laboratory matters.[5] MD-2 droids were also part of the medical complement about the luxury liner Kuari Princess. They served alongside the head nurse, Calfta Bongi.[6]



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