The MD-3 was a model of medical droid and a part of the MD-series that was manufactured by Industrial Automaton. It was slightly humanoid in appearance.

This droid model was used as a pharmacist and had an extensive database of different medicines and drugs.


Built by Industrial Automaton,[1] the MD-3 was a first-degree droid,[3] That was a member of the MD-series medical droids.[1] Similar in design to the 2-1B surgical droid, another of Industrial Automaton's products,[2] the MD-3 was 1.5 Imperial standard meters high,[4] with a cranial unit attached to a torso with two arms.[4] A surgical gown covered the lower half of the droid, protecting[2] the bipedal[3] droid's delicate mechanisms.[2] MD-3 droids were ambidextrous.[3]

MD-series droids were usually finished in gray plating, with green trim, alongside yellow photoreceptors.[4] MD-3s retailed for 2,000 credits, and were commonly available for purchase throughout the galaxy.[3] The torso also contained a connection socket located on the lower half to allow the droid to directly connect to a computer.[2]


MD-3 droids were intended for use as pharmacists, with the ability to prepare and prescribe drugs.[1]


Constructed on the droid factory world of Telti,[2] they were employed by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. Aboard the Imperial EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Far Orbit, an MD-3 droid was part of the sick bay staff, and was responsible for overseeing the pharmacy and operating the bacta tank. It also assisted the MD-1 droid, consulting in laboratory matters.[5] An MD-3 droid with a faulty regulator was aboard the luxury liner Kuari Princess, as part of the stock in the Jawa Droid Shop.[6]

One MD-3 unit designated 1e-XE assisted the bounty hunter Dengar in looking after his wounded colleague Boba Fett after the Mandalorian had escaped from the Sarlacc on Tatooine.[7]



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