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Weston Warsheld

Weston Warsheld with his MD-5 medical droid

The MD-5 was a model of medical droid and a part of the MD-series that was manufactured by Industrial Automaton. It was slightly humanoid in appearance. They were used as multipurpose medical droids.

An MD-5 medical droid was used by the High Lord of House Calipsa, Weston Warsheld of the Tapani sector. Another MD-5 unit by the name of Emdee served ersatz Emperor Trioculus when he was used as a figurehead of the Grand Moff coup attempt.

One MD-5 unit designated SH∑1-B assisted the bounty hunter Dengar in looking after his wounded colleague Boba Fett after the Mandalorian had escaped from the Sarlacc on Tatooine.

At least one of these droids served along with a Mon Calamari medic team on Mon Calamari, on the then-headquarters of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.

Behind the scenesEdit

The appearance of Trioculus's Emdee vastly differs from other models of the MD-series. It also differed from the other images of an MD-5 from the Lords of the Expanse sourcebook.



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