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A message to spacers, or METOSP, was an automated starport communication channel reserved for broadcasts of important notices for spacers, including local conditions, orbital traffic, or security considerations. Most starports larger than limited services used a standard comm channel to broadcast their METOSPs, making it easier for spacers to know what frequency to monitor. METOSPs also usually informed visitors of additional comm channels for contacting starport control. During their escape from Ysanne Isard, the astromech droids Whistler and Gate used the system to contact Talon Karrde and set up a meeting at the Grand Oradin Hotel.

Example METOSPEdit

"Welcome to Merisee, 'Breadbasket of Elrood sector.' We hope your stay here is pleasant. If your arrival has been previously scheduled, please turn to frequency J-33-567-Y32 for further instructions. If you have a medical emergency, please tune to frequency J-45-411-K77, and notify the duty officer in charge. An emergency team will be waiting for you when you land. If you have other business to declare or need further instructions, turn to override channel 47, where a traffic controller will assist you."
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