The MK-series maintenance droid was a repair droid manufactured by Kalibac Industries.


The MK-series was designed be an assistant and occasionally the only mechanic on-board a starship. It had tracked locomotion and an advanced heuristic processor. Kalibac engineers wanted the droid to be able to handle all kinds of situations it might encounter, even new or unexpected ones. They consulted with a wide range of starship engineers, spaceport mechanics and even possibly outlaw techs to make the droid as close as possible to an organic mechanic.

While this made the droid very capable of finding creative solutions to problems, it also led it to developing a few personality quirks. The MK-series tended to be aggressive and reckless, since they were very confident in their abilities to repair themselves and their ships.

A MK-series droid cost 11,080 credits new.



MK-09, a particular MK-series droid belonging to the Azzameen family.

MK-09, otherwise better known as Emkay, was of the MK-series.

Behind the scenesEdit

MK-09's droid series was first identified in a LucasArts website detailing portions of the then-recently released Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance as the "MK-09 maintenance droid". Since then, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia altered the series name to the "MK-series maintenance droid".

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