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The MK3 mining droid was a model of mining droid.


Mining Droid blasting Mon Julpa

A mining droid firing at Mon Julpa.

Gundy needed these droids in his Keschel mine on Tyne's Horky. He sent his nephew, Jann Tosh, to buy one of them. Jann later exchanged his MK3 for C-3PO, R2-D2, and an anonymous Android to save them from Yorpo Mog. Gundy was upset to learn that Jann had traded his work droid once they returned to his camp.

Kleb Zellock was a Crime lord that owned about seven or ten MK3s droids. He mostly used his MK3 droids to either guard or work his Nergon-14 mine. All of his MK3 droids were destroyed when his Nergon mine over-loaded and self-destructed.


Several of these mining droids were also present on the planet Biitu as captives of the Great Heep.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Tyne's Horky mining droids had a much different appearance in the art of The Lost Prince: A Droid Adventure, featuring bronze colored bodies and bullet shaped heads.

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