The MK 8001 Attendant Droid was a combination nanny droid/medical droid model manufactured by AccuTronics. It was 1.6 meters tall and vaguely resembled a Human female. It came equipped with a medical database of 50,000 illnesses and a medical support link, maintaining direct communication links with whatever medical facility was nearest, using planetary communication grids to carry out two-way data transmissions. The droid monitored health remotely using video, audio, and vital statistic relays. During emergencies, the droids could independently diagnose and stabilize patients until summoned help arrived. The droids were programmed to operate numerous types of vehicles. A single droid cost 3,600 credits new.

Dooba was one such unit, assigned to care for a child who owned a doll named "Branli." The child expected Dooba to tend to Branli's "injuries," which Dooba did quite efficiently.



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