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The MK series was a droid series that was sold by the business Joh's New and Used Droid Emporium during the Clone Wars.


The series included protocol droids and battle droids, and they were only differentiated from conventional droids by their name, which commemorated the Jedi Master Kirlocca.[1] The droids were produced in the Cularin system and marketed to collectors.[2]


The MK series was sold by the Cularin-based business Joh's New and Used Droid Emporium during the time of the Clone Wars, to commemorate the deceased Wookiee Jedi Master Kirlocca,[1] who died while combating the Dark Jedi Raik Muun.[3] The droids were on sale from Joh's during a celebration that was held on Cularin in honor of Kirlocca's life[1] and became the fastest-selling line of droids ever produced in the Cularin system.[2]

During the Cularin Trade Show, a trade show that was held in the Cularin system aboard the starship TAV Prosperity, a rumor spread that Joh's had sold out of the commemorative droids.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The MK series was first mentioned in Force Convergence, an interactive role-playing scenario that supplemented the Forces of Cularin trilogy of the Living Force campaign.[1] The droid series later received another mention, in the Living Force scenario For Fun and Profit.[2]


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