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Kenner MLC-3 mini-rig

"Well, forget the heavy equipment. There's plenty of time to get the smaller modules on the transports."
Luke Skywalker[src]

The MLC-3 Mobile Laser Cannon was a self-propelled gun used as a light artillery weapon by the Rebel Alliance.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The MLC-3 was armed with twin blaster cannons and moved on a compact tracked chassis. The use of wheeled bogies rather than repulsorlift units suggests that, like many Rebel units, this was a relatively low-tech vehicle, and it seems that the cockpit hatch was opened manually rather than hydraulically.

While the MLC-3 was designed to operate with a single pilot, it could be programmed to run autonomously, firing at preset targets.

History[edit | edit source]

MLC-3s were used to defend Echo Base on Hoth, and may have been among the "smaller modules" which the Alliance successfully evacuated from the base during their retreat.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The MLC-3 was one of Kenner's Mini-Rigs, and like many of the toys in that series, has not appeared elsewhere. The description on this page is based on the box and catalogue information.

The emitters of this "Mobile Laser Cannon" are perhaps rather small for Star Wars "lasers," but they are almost certainly blasters of some sort, and much of the bulk of the cannon should probably be regarded as being housed in the interior of the chassis: the name implies that the guns of the MLC-3 should be interpreted as twin barrels of a single weapon, rather than two separate cannons.

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