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The MM9 mini concussion rocket launcher, also known as an MM9 wrist rocket, was a wrist rocket launcher that fired various types of wrist rockets.


The MM9 mini concussion rocket launcher was a formidable weapon which utilized computer target tracking. It was very popular with bounty hunters, and equally unpopular with law enforcement agencies. It mounted on the wrist, and overhung the back of the hand so as to prevent one from shooting their hand off the rest of their arm. Its payloads varied according to the needs and credits of the user.

Some rocket types it used are the Type-12A anti-personnel rocket, the Type-12B stun rocket, and the Merr Sonn 1126 rocket. The MM9 also used "dumb rockets" (missiles with no tracking ability) and homing missiles. The wristband and rocket combined their computer system in order to do this. The target locked onto movement ahead of it and the missile's targeting laser allowed it to home in on enemies. The missile itself was fired by the touch of a button.


This weapon was made famous by Boba Fett and his father, Jango Fett. It was also used once by the ARC Trooper Alpha during the Separatist siege of Kamino against a duo of droidekas.



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