MR-200 minesweeper droids were a model of droid manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata and used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars to clear minefields.


An odd mix of high-tech and low-tech components, the MR-200 minesweeper droid was a single minded and single-purposed machine built for durability and efficiency. The MR-200 was designed to remove mines from battlefields using a simple metal drum attached to the front of the droid and covered in lengths of durable chain. This drum would then rotate as the droid moved, and the chains would flail against the ground detonating any mines underneath the droid. The body of the MR-200 itself was kept safe as it floated above the ground with the use of a repulsorlift, which was enough to lift the whole droid and the barrel if needed - meaning the droid was capable of simply floating over many low obstacles or areas of difficult terrain. MR-200's were also equipped with integrated comlinks to call for help, and a self-destruct mechanism to damage any potential attackers. Although built to last, the barrels attached to the droid did always eventually succumb to damage from the constant explosion of mines, and so were designed to be easy to remove and replace between missions. While clearing a minefield the MR-200 could report any undetonated mines to a Central Control Computer which allowed other droids controlled by it to have access to the location of these mines and avoid them. The MR-200 couldn't report these mines to allies itself, as it was incapable of vocal communication. If an MR-200 stopped receiving orders from its central control computer it would resort to simply patrolling the area it had already covered, double checking for remaining mines.


The MR-200 mainly saw use during the Clone Wars, when it was employed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems as part of their Separatist Droid Army against the Galactic Republic. The droids saw use from the very start of the wars and all throughout the conflict due to the common occurrence of trench warfare between the two forces, and the use of minefields to deter charges during such battles. Occasionally the droids were also used as shocktroopers and would be sent down fortified tunnels or trenches to drive out or kill enemy troops with their flailing chains in such narrow spaces.


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