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"Yes. The unobtrusiveness of the MSE series makes them extremely useful sp——er, operatives."
C-3PO, to Poe Dameron[15]

The MSE series,[15] also known as the MSE-series Maintenance Droid,[2] was a series of repair droid.[1] The MSE-6 series repair droid was a model of MSE series droids.[15]

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Behind the scenes[]

"What I want is a miniature box droid, like the one Chewbacca scares [in Episode IV]. I want these little quail running down the hallway ahead of Anakin. The idea is 'rats leaving a sinking ship.'"
―George Lucas speaks to Industrial Light & Magic's Rob Coleman and Roger Guyett[16]

The MSE series droid first appeared as an MSE-6 series repair droid in the first Star Wars film Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.[4] The droid was tested by production designers on March 15, 1976, where it was dubbed "baby box." The test run of the droid was filmed by cameraman Gilbert Taylor and directed by George Lucas.[17] For the 2005 prequel trilogy film, Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, Lucas asked Industrial Light & Magic on November 18, 2004 to render a model of mouse droid as seen in A New Hope with the intention to use the quailing droid to illustrate "rats leaving a sinking ship." At the time, Lucas referred to the mouse droid as a "box droid."[16]


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