"Sell you for scrap if you didn't take such good care of my son."
Jango Fett on MU-12[src]

MU-12 was a housekeeping droid owned by Jango Fett who took care of his son Boba while Jango was away working.


"Nothing stops the Mandalorian warrior!"
"Lunch does."
Boba Fett and MU-12[src]

A spindly humanoid housekeeping droid and administrative assistant[2] owned by the bounty hunter Jango Fett, MU-12 served as a nanny[1] and guardian[4] to the young Boba Fett in Tipoca City on Kamino,[1] and dutifully served her two masters over the course of several years. A quick-witted droid, MU-12 prepared meals for the Fetts in the galley of Jango's small apartment. She also utilized a small workshop to effect repairs to Jango's equipment, although the time it took MU-12 to complete her jobs caused irritation and frustration to Jango.[3]

MU-12 took good care of Boba while his father was away working. She brought Boba his meals, and at times had to insist the boy stopped playing with his figurines in order to eat. The droid also took Jango's messages[1] and screened out poor clients or fake bounties.[2] Following Fett's assassination of Vigo Antonin, MU-12 informed the hunter of a waiting hoolo from Fernooda the Dug. Jango took Fernooda's job, leaving Boba in MU-12's care again until after the Infant of Shaa affair. Additionally, Fett asked MU-12 to overhaul his jetpack, but Jango's swift departure meant that the droid was unable to complete the job. Jango angrily mused that he would sell MU-12 for scrap if the droid didn't take such good care of his son, and indeed his jetpack misfired during his mission.[1]



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