"Clear up this mess you've made and bring me some new food. Being my slave is far better than serving the Empire. You'll be treated far better."
―MaDall, to Sabine Wren[src]

MaDall was a Zygerrian female who operated a small slave empire on the planet of Oon during the Age of the Empire. One day in 5 BBY, a new shipment of slaves collected all across the Lothal sector arrived, and MaDall chose one of her new acquisition, a Mandalorian called Sabine Wren, to become her personal servant. However, it turned out that Wren had willingly let herself be captured so she could free the Zygerrian's slaves. When she realized that Wren had deactivated her shock collar and taught the other slaves how to do it, MaDall confronted the Mandalorian, but was defeated. Although MaDall feared that Wren and her friends would execute her for her crimes, she was allowed to go free. The Zygerrian felt that she had nothing left to live for, but Wren suggested her to use her talents in fighting the Galactic Empire.[1]


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