Maal Lah was a Warrior of the Yuuzhan Vong.


A member of Domain Lah and crèche-brother to Warmaster Tsavong Lah, Maal Lah was Commander of one of the fleets the Yuuzhan Vong sent during the Battle of Coruscant. While he normally favored bold assaults, he had to tone down his attacks because of the forces present. With the successful conquest, Maal Lah was escalated to Supreme Commander, and became one of Tsavong Lah's tactical advisors during the Battles of Borleias. After learning of Wyrpuuk Cha's failure, Maal became convinced that Garm Bel Iblis was the one who coordinated the battle. Maal Lah was later sent to Ylesia, where he had the difficult task of bringing the Peace Brigade forces into line. He was present during the New Republic's Raid on Ylesia, where his leg was damaged beyond repair. He endured the pain and said the Shapers would give him a new leg, if the gods favored him.

Unlike other members of Domain Lah, Maal did not possess a single scar on his body, but instead chose to tattoo himself with blue and red swirls.



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