«I swear, "Helena" must be your word for pit rancor.»
―Maana to Revan and Bastila Shan regarding Helena Shan[src]

Maana Demknot was a male Duros who resided in Anchorhead on Tatooine during the Jedi Civil War.


During the Jedi Civil war, Demknot lived in a small house next to the regional office of Czerka Corporation. In 3956 BBY Demknot was involved in a confrontation with Helena Shan at Junix's Joint. He was annoyed by Helena's attitude of superiority and left the cantina. On his way home, he met the amnesiac Revan and his companions as they entered the city from the docking bay. He asked Revan if all Humans placed themselves on "high pedestals," referring to Helena's sense of superiority. He further speculated that "Helena" was the Basic word for "pit rancor." When the party, which included Bastila Shan, Helena's daughter, told him that they were looking for Helena, Demknot stated that he thought that all Humans were out of their minds, if they wanted to look for someone like Helena. He then returned home, still frustrated.


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