"The big cyborgs are [the Nagai's] heavyweights -- the Maccabree. An' you can bet they aren't here to join the party."
―Han Solo[src]

The Maccabree were a sentient non-humanoid species native to a planet in the satellite galaxy Companion Besh. Physiologically, the Maccabree were tentacled cephalopods who were dependent on their planet's unique atmosphere to live. They were an aggressive species, often at war with each other, but they met an outside enemy when the Tof invaded their world and captured and experimented on the Maccabree. The Tof eventually left, but the Maccabree retreated to the caves their ancestors lived in.

The Maccabree later allied themselves with the Nagai and the Faruun, who were in a similar plight. To allow them to leave their homeworld, the technologically advanced Faruun created cybernetic, humanoid battlesuits for the Maccabree. The thickly armored torso of the suits include a false "head" that presented a ready and meaningless target for enemy blaster fire. The Maccabree joined the Nagai in invading known space and were first encountered by the Alliance of Free Planets at the Second Battle of Endor. The Maccabrees could leave a battle by launching their suits into the air, leaving behind their detachable limbs, as they were forced to do when the Combined Nagai-Maccabree force retreated from Endor.

Maccabree warriors later overran an Alliance outpost on Saijo, allowing them and their allies to take over that planet. In the Battle of Zeltros, a number of Maccabree were killed by the invading Tof pirates. However, they fought back when allied with the Alliance and Hiromi Empire to defeat the Tofs.


Maccabree in their combat-suits



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