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During the Clone Wars, a regiment of Galactic Marine clone troopers served under High Jedi General Mace Windu.


As the Clone Wars raged on in the galaxy, Master of the Order Mace Windu was forced to put aside his diplomatic mantle to become the Jedi General of a regiment of Galactic Marines. During the war, Windu's regiment fought on several worlds to stop the Confederacy of Independent Systems from invading them.[1]


Clone troopers within Mace Windu's regiment wore both standard and modified Galactic Marine armor. It had purple and light blue markings very similar to those of the 187th Legion, another unit commanded by the Jedi General. The modified armor some troopers wore resembled that of a normal Galactic Marine, as it had the signature mouth piece, kama and pauldron, but the rest of the armor was made out of standard phase 2 clone trooper armor. The regiment also utilized DC-15A blaster rifles and DC-17 hand blasters.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Mace Windu and one of his Galactic Marines, inside of their original packaging.

Mace Windu's regiment of Galactic Marines was originally created by Hasbro for the Target exclusive Order 66 set of action figures within the Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection, where it appeared in the second pack Mace Windu & Galactic Marine. The set containing the regiment does not actually show the right figure on its box art, as the art contains a trooper with armor similar to that of a Galactic Marine, while the figure is a repaint of an actual Galactic Marine.[1]


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