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"Jar Jar, what are you doing?"
"Oops! Sorry, mesa fix it."
―Mack to Jar Jar Binks — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

"Mack" was the nickname of a clone trooper pilot who fought for the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.[2] He was part of the Coruscant Guard[2] and Diplomatic service.[2]

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During the beginning stages of the Clone Wars, Mack piloted the ship that carried Senator Kharrus and Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks on a diplomatic mission to Florrum to retrieve Count Dooku from pirates. Dooku had previously been captured by Hondo Ohnaka's gang of pirates and held for a ransom for the Republic, as he was a target of high value to them. The ship Mack was piloting was shot down by several rogue pirates, led by Turk Falso, that forced them to crash land in the Doshar fields. The impact killed Kharrus and both clone pilots, including Mack. The survivors of the crash, led by Representative Binks and Clone Commander Stone, continued on to Ohnaka's base to negotiate.[2]


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