Madame Atuarre's Roving Performers was a fictitious name used by Han Solo, Atuarre, Pakka, and BLX-5 as they professed to be a troupe of entertainers from the Imperial Entertainers' Guild in order to infiltrate the Stars' End prison facility. Solo created this group as a replacement act—after intercepting an apology for being delayed from Hokkor Long to Viceprex Hirken. Solo adopted the persona of Master Marksman during the ruse. Atuarre was to perform the Trianii ritual dance while her son was to execute acrobatic feats. They had planned, originally, for Bollux to be a storyteller, but when the group discovered that Hirken owned a Mark X Executioner-series gladiatorial droid and was awaiting an opponent for it, Solo quickly created the guise of Annihilator for the labor droid.

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