Madel was a Human female who worked with the Balmorran Resistance as a spy during the Cold War. In 3642 BBY, during the battle for the planet's freedom from the Sith Empire, she scouted the Imperial Tactical Operations Center at Camp Conquest and was captured by Imperial forces, who tortured her for information on the Resistance. She was eventually freed by the Jedi Knight known as the Hero of Tython when the Jedi raided the base.

Upon rescue, Madel told the Jedi that the Imperials were about to execute her and the Jedi were just in time. However another Jedi named Warren Sedoru sensed conflict within her and suspected she was withholding something. Doctor Archiban Kimble, a Doctor in the Resistance and old friend of Madel was skeptical, but upon Sedoru's insistence, Madel confessed to giving information about the Resistance. Nikollan Kord, a Resistance Leader, was enraged and threatened to kill her. Madel told the Jedi about that the Imperials took the prototype for the Cloaking device to the Balmorran Arms Factory. Kord, however still wanted to punish Madel, but Colonel Finley of the Republic Fifth Expeditionary Force insisted that she be spared, because her knowledge of the Imperials could be useful. The Jedi decided to have Madel escorted off Balmorra. The Resistance was angry, but Kimble was grateful.

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