Madeleine Roux is an American writer. A graduate of the Beloit College writing program, she notably authored the New York Times bestselling Asylum series.[1] She wrote "Eclipse," one of 40 short stories that was published in the anthology From a Certain Point of View.[2]

Madeleine has a tattoo arm-sleeve dedicated to the ladies of Star Wars. The piece features Ahsoka Tano,[3] Hera Syndulla,[4] Leia Organa,[5] Padmé Amidala,[6] Princess Kneesaa,[5] Rey and BB-8,[5] and Darth Revan.[7] It also includes the Ghost,[3] and the squadron logos for Havoc Squad and Inferno Squad.[8] Other notable pieces include a quote from "Eclipse"[9] and a deconstructed lightsaber.[10]

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