"I don't care what those rebels are blowing up! Howl's old scow is in orbit, which means Twilight Company is here and that scum is—"
―Magé speaks over comlink during the fighting on Allst Prime before being stunned[src]

Magé was a female governor of the Galactic Empire who worked as an administrator on the backwater planet Allst Prime. While on the planet she worked out of an opulent office in the Imperial Headquarters, while the occupants of the planet lived in poverty. During the Galactic Civil War, the Alliance to Restore the Republic's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, known as "Twilight Company", attacked Allst Prime in order to destroy the Imperial outpost situated there. During the fighting Magé attempted to call for backup via comlink from her office while her aide guarded the door. Before she could finish the call, the Rebel soldier Brand burst into the office, and having already stunned the aide, shot Magé in the neck with a dart that knocked the governor out. As the governor lay on her redwood desk drooling slightly, Brand and the Sixty-First's Captain Micha Evon drank Magé's Nabooian whiskey and discussed the bounty on Evon's head, which Brand had been planning to collect. Evon dissuaded Brand from collecting the bounty, and she instead joined the Alliance permanently, after which they continued to drink over the governor's slumped form. Magé had olive skin and long dark hair, which she wore in a tightly woven bun.[1]

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Magé first appeared in the short story "Inbrief", which was written by Janine K. Spendlove and published in Star Wars Insider 161 in 2015.


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