Mag-grenades were a type of grenade.


Mag-grenades were used by Jedi Master Relin Druur around 5000 BBY. Around this time, at the outbreak of the Great Hyperspace War, he used mag-grenades effectively during his infiltration of Sith Lord Saes Rrogon's dreadnaught, Harbinger. Druur utilized mag-grenades in an attempt to destroy the ship's hyperdrive, although this was only partially successful; the Harbinger still attempted to jump into hyperspace, although it failed to completely enter its hyperlane and accidentally traveled over 5,000 years through time to the year 41 ABY.[2]

During the Galactic Civil War, Rabid Mynocks leader Quayce used a dud mag-grenade during a race with the leader of the Spiders, Dean Lado. The grenade distracted Lado enough to cause him to be caught in a massive repulsor minefield explosion.[1]


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