Magash Drashi was a female Human-Zabrak hybrid from the planet of Dathomir who was a witch of the Singing Mountain Clan. In about 18 BBY, Drashi and her fellow Dathomiri adept Duala Aidu encountered the Jedi Knight Jax Pavan near Singing Mountain Clan's stronghold, who had ventured to Dathomir to seek the help of the witches.

After challenging the Jedi as to what his business was on Dathomir, Drashi and Aidu escorted Pavan to the clan mother of the Singing Mountain Clan, Augwynne Djo. The matriarch granted Pavan permission to journey to a ruined Star Temple that lay within the clan's territory, and, intrigued by the off-worlder, Drashi volunteered to accompany him to the temple. On their return from the ruin, the witches agreed to help Pavan to access the secrets of the holocron of the Sith Lord Darth Ramage, which would only activate after being provided with a large quantity of blood from a Force-sensitive being, and Drashi, Aidu, Djo, and Pavan all donated blood to allow the Jedi to open the holocron.

Later, after having confronted Darth Vader using the knowledge of the Sith Holocron, Pavan returned to Dathomir in order to be cleared of his dark knowledge by the witches and to propose an apprenticeship to Drashi, who had previously showed an open mind about Jedi teachings.


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