Magentic was a city on Hanoon.


Magentic was a city on the Galactic Empire-controlled terraformed asteroid called Hanoon. The city, comprised of a Command Center, Prefab Shelters, and an animal nursery, sat next to one of the world's canals.[1] By 6 ABY,[2] the city had been constructed and an Imperial Fortress had been placed in the city to cement Imperial control. The inhabitants kept a shard of the Vor'Na'Tu, an ancient Jedi artifact, as a relic. That year, the future founder of the New Jedi Order, Luke Skywalker, along with his sister Leia Organa and a New Republic army ventured to Hanoon to recover the Vor'Na'Tu shards. They made their way to Magentic, and the town agreed to turn over the shards if the Fortress was destroyed. The New Republic attacked the Fortress and knocked it out.[1]

Magentic then gratefully gave up their shard. Later, Organa and Skywalker decided to free the rest of the asteroid and took control of the Terraform Processor. With the demise of Moff Yittreas, Hanoon agreed to join the New Republic.[1]

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Magentic was first mentioned in the strategy guide to the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. It appeared during a Princess Leia campaign mission, and the player must free the town as part of the mission. The mission and thus Magentic was also included in the game's 2002 expansion pack, Clone Campaigns.



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