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"No free meals today, Magg."
―Han Solo[src]

Magg was a Human male Security Police agent in the Corporate Sector who secretly headed a large slaving ring in the era of the Galactic Civil War. Magg partnered with a man named Zlarb, whom he had once busted for organ trafficking, and used his inside contacts within the Security Police to ensure four profitable years of business. In 2 BBY, a run to Lur went awry and resulted in Zlarb's death at the hands of their hired pilot, Han Solo. In the coming days, Magg assisted Corporate Sector Assistant Auditor-General Fiolla in her investigation of the slaving ring, but was unable to prevent Solo and Fiolla from exposing his true identity and ultimately imprisoning him.


"What's wrong? Besides the fact that we might be vaporized at any second, I mean."
"The man you shot at..."
"The black-haired one? He's the one who left the message I told you about; he was Zlarb's connection. Why?"
"It was Magg. It was my hand-picked personal assistant, Magg.
―Han Solo and Fiolla, after the raid on the Lady of Mindor[src]

A Human male, Magg worked as an agent for the Corporate Sector Authority's Security Police, where he pursued small-time criminal enterprises in the Corporate Sector. In 6 BBY, Magg hunted down a man named Zlarb, who had been running a relatively minor organ-trafficking operation in the region—but rather than bring him to justice, Magg saw in Zlarb an opportunity for profit. Magg and Zlarb started discussing going into business together, with Magg using his contacts within the Security Police to ensure they stayed one step ahead from law enforcement. The pair agreed on a slaving ring as the most lucrative option, and as a show of good faith, Magg offered not to take a cut until their new endeavor reached a high enough level of profit. Magg and Zlarb's slaving partnership proved to be extremely fruitful over the next four years,[2] growing into an organization with a number of ships and muscle at its service. They also set up a connection with the powerful House Glayyd on Ammuud, whom they paid handsomely to clear their vessels through their shipping firm while looking the other way on their use. Although that arrangement quickly became crucial to their operation, they eventually began making secret overtures to the rival Reesbon clan. In 2 BBY, clan patriarch Agmor Glayyd learned of Magg and Zlarb's double-dealing, and the slavers poisoned him in response.[1]


Zlarb, Magg's longtime partner in slavery.

Although Magg generally left the dirty work to Zlarb,[2] and did not usually go on runs himself, he provided invaluable logistical and practical assistance, serving as an accountant and providing technical support aside from his cover work with the Security Police.[1] By 2 BBY they had both accrued large fortunes, and with the Galactic Empire beginning to crack down on slaving, they agreed that the time was near to get out of the game. However, to guarantee their retirement, Magg pushed to go on one more run.[2] To that point, Magg and Zlarb's slaving activities had largely gone off without a hitch—this last time around, a trip to the snowy world of Lur, was much different. The slavers had hired a non-local spacer named Han Solo as their pilot, not informing him that he would be transporting a load of Lurrian captives. Although they planned on simply strong-arming Solo into carrying the slaves anyway, Solo—who had a strong personal aversion to slavery—and his Wookiee companion Chewbacca turned the tables on the slavers, killing Zlarb in the process.[1]

In the immediate aftermath of their doomed run to Lur, Magg returned to his job in the Security Police, where he once again had to work to keep law enforcement off his tail. Magg learned that a Lorrdian Assistant Auditor-General in the Security Police named Fiolla had begun to investigate his organization,[1] he purposely got close in order to keep tabs on her operation,[3] ultimately becoming Fiolla's hand-picked assistant. The investigation took them to the planet Bonadan, where Magg and Zlarb were originally supposed to meet after the mission to Lur. Solo, who was after the 10,000 credits he had been promised for the run, traveled to Bonadan for the same purpose, and Fiolla directed him to follow the Corellian and look into his ties with the slaving ring. But after trying and failing to break into Solo's ship, the Millennium Falcon, Magg ditched Fiolla and returned to the rest of his men, planning to take out both her and Solo.[1]

Magg and his fellow slavers made their move soon afterward, attacking and boarding a passenger liner, the Lady of Mindor, carrying both Solo and Fiolla—who had since joined forces—to look into connections the slaving ring had on Ammuud. After a methodical search through the Lady of Mindor, Magg caught up to Solo and Fiolla as they made a break for a lifeboat. Wearing an cumbersome armored spacesuit and with his blaster in a thick, military-style holster, Magg was unable to meet Solo's quick draw and was put down with a single shot before the pair escaped. Magg and his men regrouped and followed to Ammuud, reaching the planet by the time Solo and Fiolla had gained the evidence they needed to put him and his fellows away. Magg attempted to overtake the fleeing Millennium Falcon but was instead captured by a Security Police Star Destroyer, arriving in a timely fashion to put him and the other slavers into custody.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Sounds like an experienced guy."
"Oh, very versatile, yes. I handpicked him because he had, ah, a range of abilities.
―Han Solo and Fiolla[src]

Although Magg was regularly employed as an agent of the Corporate Sector Authority's Security Police, Magg was concerned more with personal profit over the mission of justice, and proved to be extremely duplicitous and unscrupulous in his criminal career.[2] Magg was, first and foremost, out to protect himself and his business interests, and used a relatively large skillset in doing so: he was an able lockpicker and skilled with technology, and was so adept at working undercover that he even aided in an investigation of his own slaving ring without ever arousing any suspicion.[1]

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Magg first appeared in Han Solo's Revenge, a novel written by Brian Daley and released in 1979.[1] In 1993, he was pictured by Mike Vilardi in Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Sourcebook.[2]



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