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This article is about the Nightsisters' use of the Force. You may be looking for the Legends concept of magic.
"I am not a natural Force wielder like the Jedi or Sith. I use dark magick to achieve power."
Mother Talzin[src]
Ancient Magicks SoH

Old Daka performing ancient magick.

Magick, also known as Shadow Magic,[1] was a supernatural technique that allowed a practitioner to wield great powers connected to the dark side of the Force.[2][3] The Nightsister witches of Dathomir were wielders of magick, of which Daka was the most powerful.[4]


"Magick is a living thing. It arises from blood and trees and mist. It flows through your veins already, but we will reshape you to channel it."
―Shelish, to the Smuggler[src]
Witch Magick SWDL

Mother Talzin performing magick.

The supernatural technique known as magick, which offered great powers from the Dark Side of the Force, was known for being used by the Nightsisters of Dathomir.[2] Unlike the Jedi, however, who used the Force to serve the galaxy, the powers of the Nightsisters' magick focused on deception, illusion and manipulation, serving only themselves.[5] They regarded magick as a living thing which arose from blood, trees and mist and flowed through their veins as well.[6]

Mother Talzin was one of the Nightsisters' most powerful witches. Talzin was able to use her magick to heal Asajj Ventress,[7] create a blackroot drink, and transform Savage Opress into an unnatural monster.[8] Talzin was able to combine her magick with voodoo to torture her enemies from afar and communicate with them from afar. Old Daka was able to use her magic use the Chant of Resurrection to resurrect numerous Nightsisters mummies and bring them back as zombies.[9]

Following the massacre on Dathomir, Talzin used a great deal of her magick to heal her son, Maul's mind, memories, and equip him with new metal legs. She was successful[10] but soon became trapped in the spirit world.[11] Talzin attempted to return to the physical world by using a sphere supplied by the Frangawl Cult but failed due to interference from Jedi Master Mace Windu and Naboo representative Jar Jar Binks.[3] Despite the setback, Talzin was able to stay in contact with Maul by appearing as a green mist.[12] Talzin attempted to regain her physical body by using Dooku as a sacrifice. At first, she was successful, but she was ultimately killed by General Grievous.[11]

The last Nightsister, Shelish, described Nightsister magick very similarly to the Force: as a living thing that arises from blood, trees, and mist. Anyone could learn to use magick, so long as they were Force-sensitive, as demonstrated by the Smuggler; however, first, they must breathe in a special energized mist which transforms the blood into ichor. The ichor, which appeared as a green mist,[9] could then be used in the magicks. A special talisman was used during the ritual to energize said mist.[6]



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