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Magister was the position Leor Hal established in 89 BBY to serve as leader of the Ferroan and Langhesi settlers of Zonama Sekot. Hal himself served as Magister from that point until his death, when his son succeeded him as Magister. When the Magister was killed during the First Battle of Zonama Sekot, a holographic image of him created by Zonama Sekot served as Magister.[1] At some point between 29 BBY and 28 ABY, Leor Hal's granddaughter, Jabitha, became Magister.

The title continued to be used after Zonama Sekot became the new homeworld of the Yuuzhan Vong, with Danni Quee and the Jedi Knights Tahiri Veila and Tekli being the three possible choices to take over for Jabitha when she died. Although the Magister was of high authority, he/she had no control over the planet itself.

Magister was the title held by Hego Damask, the head of the financial lobbying group Damask Holdings.[2] The title generally implied "someone of accomplishment, of dignity and bearing ... [an] impressive ... personality."[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The events of Star Wars: The Dark Nest Trilogy bring Tahiri Veila and Tekli back into the fold of the New Jedi Order while Danni Quee resigned from the Jedi to continue her studies on Zonama Sekot.



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