Lady Maglenna Pendower was a Human female who served as a lesser aide at consulate Princess Leia Organa of the Imperial Senate. She ushered in the Ho'Din Spero to the Princess, and then, on Organa's instructions, took him to Hindred to arrange a safe house for the Master Gardener.[2] Her status as an aide allowed her to interact with the staff of other senatorial staff, and enabled her to get information on the true activities of other government officials. While she longed to be active in the field, she was more valuable to Leia as a front to deflect attention, feed false information and cover other's tracks while they were gone.[1]

Maglenna was a native of Alderaan and lost her father and one of her brothers when it was destroyed. She was unable to find out if her other brother was off-planet and was unable to locate him, despite extensive searching.[1]

She enrolled in the Alliance combat medical training program with hopes of finally received a field assignment. Even though she graduated at the top of her class, Leia determined Maglenna was too valuable to risk in combat and had her transferred to Ordnance and Supply Command.[1]

She was working under Colonel Arik Stijhl on Gelgelar at drop point: Gelgelar. While reviewing supplies with the crew of The Maker, she was present when the technician Morgan Q. Raventhorn was injured by the Doom Slayer assassin droid. She applied a defib strip and a pressure resuscitator to revive Morgan. After the assassin droid started its attack on the warehouse, she helped evacuate the drop point, and assisted Ivhin Jayme in destroying the droid. After everyone was successfully evacuated, she was transferred to Alliance Special Forces at T'Charek Haathi's request.[1]


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