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"… There was a time when I thought bringing order to the galaxy was the same as bringing peace. That the alternative was an existence of chaos, ungovernable violence, and suffering. I still believe that. But the Empire has shown me that order without compassion is tyranny, not justice. The only way to remake a corrupt system is to tear it down. Now my loyalty lies with the Rebellion… and the hope that one day we'll be able to build a future where all can thrive."
―Magna Tolvan[11]

Magna Tolvan was a female human who served in the Galactic Empire in various positions, first as a captain and subsequently as a lieutenant within the Imperial Military, then as an Lieutenant-Inspector and Captain-Inspector of the Imperial Inspectorate, and later joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic and lead the Strike Team Misericorde, a special team of the Rebel Alliance Intelligence Service during the Galactic Civil War. Tolvan was a strict disciplinarian, and she valued knowledge of, and adherence to, protocol. Tolvan admonished those who fell short of her lofty standards as "sloppy." During her time with the Empire, Tolvan developed a complicated relationship with rogue archaeologist, Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra.

Following the Battle of Yavin and the evacuation of the Alliance base on Yavin 4, Tolvan was in command of Imperial forces tasked with investigating the now-deserted base. After the Yavin operation went awry, Tolvan was demoted to Lieutenant and stationed on an Imperial base on Someilk. After surviving a siege on Someilk, she faced execution. Tolvan was spared in timely fashion, however, by being re-assigned to the Inspectorate, as Lieutenant-Inspector on Coruscant, after she had been named legatee to Inspector Thanoth. After her success at crippling the criminal organization Son-tuul Pride, Tolvan regained her Imperial rank of captain.

In the aftermath of aiding Doctor Aphra's escape from Accresker Jail, Tolvan defected the Empire to the Rebel Alliance, assembling and leading a highly-effective strike team known as Strike Team Misericorde.


Early Imperial career[]

"Nothing happens without a good cause."
―Tolvan recounts what Thanoth once told her[3]

During the Imperial Era, Magna Tolvan joined the Galactic Empire. In the Imperial Academy, her classmates thought she was the most likely to succeed.[3] At one point, Admiral Kendal Ozzel considered her "a candidate for greatness" and she eventually reached the rank of captain. Under the command of General Cassio Tagge, she was responsible for the security on Eadu,[12] a planet that hosted a research and development facility of the Tarkin Initiative.[13] In 0 BBY,[14] however, a band of Rebels sent to assassinate the scientist Galen Erso wreaked havoc at the facility,[15] which Tolvan could not prevent.[12] By the time of the Galactic Civil War, Tolvan was under the apprenticeship of Inspector Thanoth. He once told her that nothing happened without a good cause.[3] Thanoth, however, died during his final assignment.[16]

First encounter with Aphra[]

"The hairy beast is a distraction. Disengage and rally at the temple."
―Tolvan gives orders[12]
Tolvan Yavin 4

Tolvan on Yavin 4 in pursuit of Aphra and her crew.

Although Tagge proved to be a rather forgiving superior towards Tolvan, she was still assigned to a punishment duty on the uninhabited moon Yavin 4[1] for her failure on Eadu.[12] There, the captain was to comb the Great Temple, which had been the Rebels' main base until they were forced to evacuate.[1] In 0 ABY,[17] while at the operating center, a lieutenant informed Tolvan of readings they had picked up, theorizing the possible presence of rebels. The infiltrators at hand were not rebels but Chelli Aphra, her father Korin Aphra, Krrsantan, and the droids BT-1 and 0-0-0, who were there to take readings from the temple. Tolvan sent out speeders but Krrsantan shot them down. She saw this from afar and ordered her forces to move out and respond to this threat.[1]

As they reached the temple, Krrsantan opened fire on Tolvan's forces with a heavy blaster cannon he obtained from a walker.[1] Inside the temple, Aphra and the rest of her team collected the readings they wanted and began to leave, engaging Imperial troops along the way. Tolvan then managed to trap them between her and her stormtroopers, and an AT-AT. She ordered them to drop their weapons and her troopers prepared to fire. However, Aphra's ship, the Ark Angel II, then intervened and picked them up while destroying the AT-AT.[12]

Tolvan also patrolled the space in orbit of Yavin 4 while piloting a TIE/ln space superiority starfighter with two other TIE fighters.[18]

Pursuit of redemption[]

Wanting to redeem herself, Tolvan and her remaining troops, now equipped as snowtroopers, followed Aphra to the Citadel of Rur, marching through the entrance past the hidden 0-0-0 and BT-1. Aphra, her father and Krrsantan were walking along the edge of the citadel when Tolvan's forces arrived. Krrsantan covered his comrades as ran for cover along a Force bridge. Aphra then shot the device controlling the bridge and three pursuing snowtroopers fell to their doom.[19]

Aphras father stabs Tolvan

Aphra's father stabs Tolvan

Tolvan and her troops were unable to cross the void and pursue Aphra,[19] but had bigger concerns when a large number of droids attacked them, gradually massacring the snowtroopers. Aphra then appeared again and told them to follow her. Tolvan did so and Aphra had the Force-bridge generate again and deactivate when Tolvan was across. They then retreated back to Tolvan's ship to find the pilots had been slaughtered by 0-0-0 and BT-1. In addition, an Imperial droid was being possessed by the conscience of a dead ancient Jedi and attacked Tolvan. Nevertheless, the group escaped the citadel before it exploded and the droid was freed from the technopathy.[2]

Tolvan got up and threatened to shoot Aphra with her blaster. However, Aphra's father stabbed her in the shoulder with Rur's lightsaber, effectively subduing her. Tolvan was then left stranded on a planet in the Outer Rim; Aphra acknowledged that she should kill Tolvan, but decided not to, due to her attraction to Tolvan.[2]

Demotion to Someilk[]

"Hey, you tried…and on any other day, it could have worked. Don't be so hard on yourself."
"I will not need to be hard on myself. I have my superior officers to do that."
―Aphra and Tolvan discuss her failure[3]

Following her run-in with Aphra, Tolvan was once again demoted. As a Lieutenant, she was assigned to an Imperial base on the planet Someilk in the Outer Rim[3] by around 1 ABY.[20] Tolvan's new superior, Captain Punfor, taunted her about her demotion, recalling her "high flying days" at the academy. After she reflected on her failures and wondered what advice her old mentor, Thanoth would give her.[3]

Aphra holds Tolvan captive

Aphra holds Tolvan captive during the raid on Somelik.

To her surprise, an Orbital Insertion pod landed on the base, deploying a number of armed criminals. Tolvan warned Punfor of the attack told him to lock down the base and not deploy stormtroopers. Stormtroopers, however, responded to the attack anyway and were mowed down by the mercenary Rexa Go. Tolvan tried to flank them when she spotted Aphra. Shocked by her reappearance, of Tolvan and shot at her, but Go fired at her, pinning her down. After consulting a new plan with Punfor, Tolvan attempted to take control of the base's LAAT/le patrol gunship, but was apprehended by Aphra and held at gunpoint.[3]

As Aphra's team infiltrated the base, Aphra kept Tolvan captive on the ship and conversed with her. Tolvan pressed for Aphra's identity, but Aphra only referred to herself by the pseudonym of "Joystick Chevron". When Aphra once again flirted with her, Tolvan expressed her feelings of self-consciousness regarding her cybernetics. During their conversation, Aphra apologized for her actions that led to Tolvan's demotion. Aphra insisted her attraction to Tolvan was genuine, and instead of killing her, merely stunned her before escaping with the rest of the criminals. Tolvan appeared to be the only surviving member of the base after the rest of it was destroyed by the Orbital Insertion pods detonation.[3]

Appointment to the Inspectorate[]

"Seems one Inspector Thanoth named you his legatee. You've been reassigned to the Inspectorate"
―A sergeant major learns of Tolvan's reassignment[5]
Imperial Internal Affairs Outpost

Stormtroopers prepare to execute Tolvan

Due to the destruction of the base, Tolvan was issued a third demerit and was imprisoned in the Imperial Internal Affairs Outpost, awaiting execution. While in her cell, Tolvan had a dream that Aphra broke in and rescued her. This dream also revealed that Tolvan was attracted to Aphra, as she imagined them kissing; Tolvan was subsequently awakened by her cell guard. Tolvan was taken to be executed by a firing squad.

However, it was interrupted when a messenger arrived with a note from headquarters; Tolvan had been named Thanoth's legatee, and, due to his death, Tolvan was reassigned to the Inspectorate. The reassignment had been delayed due to the destruction of Scarif and the confusion of Tolvan being previously demoted to Lieutenant.[5] Due to her new position, Tolvan's execution was cancelled, as investigative branches of the Empire operated on a four-demerit system, unlike the three-demerit system of the field corps. Tolvan reprimanded the Sergeant major in charge of her execution and issued him a demerit (which would result in his own execution).

Lieutenant Inspector Tolvan

Lieutenant-Inspector Tolvan searches for Imperial databases for "Joystick Chevron"

At the Imperial Inspectorate HQ on Coruscant, Tolvan searched the access database in order to discover the real identity of "Joystick Chevron". Although her search returned a result, it was listed under "Directive 081-Omega," whose contents had been deleted. Tolvan ran a search of Thanoth's personal files in order to find the Directive 081-Omega, where it was revealed that a 081-Omega Rating was the Empire's highest authority to access and alter records. Through his I.D. file, Tolvan discovered that at the time of Thanoth's death, he had been serving as an adjutant to Darth Vader.[5]

Trip to Skako Minor[]

"This is completely your fault."
"My fault? Thanks to you I've lost my rank, faced a firing squad and been blown up by a purple hairball!"
―Aphra and Tolvan argue briefly[21]

Aphra's arrival on Skako Minor tripped Tolvan's active search filters, which alerted Tolvan to Aphra's whereabouts. Tolvan took a shuttle and a small crew of Imperial troops with her to Skako Minor, where they accidentally crash-landed in the Hellhulk station that housed Wat Tambor's workshop. The crash damaged an ancient techno-totem inside the workshop that controlled a Chthonic worm god. Tolvan ordered her stormtroopers to fire on Aphra's crew, but they were interrupted by the attacks of the now-awakened worm god. While seeking shelter from the assault, Tolvan and Aphra briefly held each other at gunpoint before the worm god disarmed them. Tolvan and Aphra were able to take shelter in a mechanical shaft after they used one of Aphra's Tooka clones to create an explosive diversion. However, the worm god continued to pursue them.[21]

Aphra tolvan kiss

Aphra and Tolvan kiss for the first time.

Tolvan and Aphra argued while they were trapped inside the mechanical shaft. Aphra blamed Tolvan for accidentally awakening the worm god, while Tolvan retorted that it was Aphra's fault that Tolvan had lost her rank, faced a firing squad, and been nearly blown up by Aphra's Tooka. Tolvan stated that Aphra was "the worst thing alive" and that she would see Aphra incarcerated. After realizing the ancient techno-totem had ended up in the shaft with them, the two shared a laugh. With the worm god nearly upon them, and believing it to be their last moments, Aphra and Tolvan shared a passionate kiss.[21]

However, Aphra's droideka, Dek-Nil, intentionally caused a stormtrooper to misfire; the misfire struck the workshop's ceiling and the worm god was crushed under the falling debris, thus saving Aphra and Tolvan. Tolvan asked Aphra to tell her her name. Tolvan explained to Aphra that Aphra's file was marked in the Imperial records and Tolvan was afraid someone higher up would eventually step in. Aphra replied that Tolvan should stay away from her, for her own safety. She advised Tolvan to leave, but the two were spotted by Rexa. Aphra then shot Rexa and allowed Tolvan to escape unnoticed. After leaving the workshop, though, she found the Defel mercenary Glahst Ombra, who had deserted Aphra during the fighting. Tolvan killed and skinned her and, as Aphra and the other mercenaries returned to their ship, she joined them, wearing Ombra's pelt as a disguise.[21]

Infiltrating the flight school[]

"Commander of Hivebase-1, this is Lieutenant Tolvan of the Inspectorate. I have taken command of the rebel academy's control hub."
―Tolvan commandeers the flight school's control hub[22]

Aphra took the mercenaries to the Lucrehulk Prime, a Lucrehulk-class LH-3210 cargo freighter used by the rebels as a flight school to train pilots. As they landed there, Tolvan used Ombra's skin to blend into the shadows, sneaking away into the air ducts. Aphra's crew were welcomed as recruits but, after Tam Posla revealed otherwise, General Hera Syndulla had then imprisoned in the brig. Tolvan found the cell holding Aphra and Dek-Nil. After entering, she revealed herself to Aphra, who recoiled at the idea of Tolvan having skinning Ombra. After a short discussion over Imperial rules, Tolvan then demanded Aphra's name, mission, and why her records had been deleted by Darth Vader. Dek-Nil then stunned her and she accidentally shot the generator powering the cells shields, freeing the mercenaries. Aphra had them help her move Tolvan back into the air duct—but not before leaving a communicator with the Imperial, so that the two could reconnect later on.[23]

By the time Tolvan woke up again, Aphra and her mercenaries had left the flight school with Syndulla as their captive.[23] However, the flight school pursued them to Hivebase-1, in which she was infiltrating. The lucrehulk found itself under attack by a scaraphyte swarm. While the rebel officer Bini tried to deal with their situation in the control hub, Tolvan attacked and overcame four of his personnel before knocking him unconscious. She then contacted Hivebase-1 to report her success. Commander Yewl responded, congratulating her for her actions and ordering her to destroy the flight school with her on it. Aphra had been listening in to Tolvan's conversation from Hivebase-1. When Tolvan agreed to Yewl's orders, Aphra contacted her, trying to convince her she was not worth losing.[22]

Tolvan realized she could not let herself die and told Yewl that capturing the flight school was a priority objective, referencing a certain article from the Imperial officers' doctrine. To Aphra's shock, she then revealed to him that Aphra was inside Hivebase-1. Yewl decided to defrost a room of rejected prototypes to deal with them, but Posla possessed weaponry that proved a match for them.[22] Aphra made it to Hivebase-1's datacore, where she used a bug she had planted in the flight school to control it. Under her control, the flight school latched onto the complex and ripped the datacore out, with Aphra and her team on. At the same time, Tolvan returned to the air ducts as more rebels reached the control hub. As the flight school withdrew, Hivebase-1 was detonated from explosive Tookas which Aphra had let loose there.[24]

Catching up with Aphra[]

"Say, uh—where are you taking me, oh needlessly cold Imperial tyrant?"
Straight to hell, criminal. You're going to Accresker Jail."
―Aphra and Tolvan[24]

Now back on the flight school, Syndulla let Aphra leave peacefully for stealing the datacore. While they talked, Aphra had sent Posla to find Tolvan in the air ducts. Tolvan tranquilized him and took his armor, using it as a disguise to get off the flight school with Aphra. With the last of Aphra's mercenaries now part of the rebellion, it left Aphra and Tolvan alone on the ship. After a romantic two days together, they parted on a snowy planet, with Aphra finally revealing her name to her.[24]

After returning to the Inspectorate, Tolvan began investigating matters regarding the infiltration and destruction of Hivebase-1. From the wreckage of the complex, both Commander Yewl and Dek-Nil were recovered. Yewl was taken to the Imperial Internal Affairs Outpost to be executed for his failures while other survivors were disciplined appropriately. Although the rebellion now possessed Hivebase-1's datacore, Tolvan doubted they had the courage to weaponize some of the data inside it. Furthermore, she had placed a tracker on Aphra as she left her. Tolvan tracked her to Son-tuul Pride. There, Tolvan's forces attacked and put an end to the syndicate. When Aphra was brought to her, Tolvan put Aphra on Shuttle Six, with Dek-Nil, to be imprisoned in mobile wreckage-prison Accresker Jail. Following the destruction of the Son-tuul Pride, Tolvan was promoted to Captain-Inspector, and she had her investigation put into a case log.[24]

Rescue plan[]

"Why are you telling me this?"
"Because once they're through with questions about what I know, the next thing they ask will be very simple. "Who else have you told.""
―Tolvan and Aphra[25]

Tolvan on Coruscant

Sometime later, Tolvan was on Coruscant investigating the site of a ship crash. It was then that Aphra, having obtained a transmitter at Accresker Jail, contacted her. Shortly after greeting Tolvan, Aphra confessed to a conspiracy involving Darth Vader, and Vader's plan to overthrow the Emperor himself, using a Force-sensitive boy. At the time, Aphra had been subjected to an unsuccessful interrogation, and feared this conspiracy would be discovered during the process. Now that Tolvan had knowledge of it, she too would be in danger if the interrogations were to prove successful. Realizing this, and perhaps eager to see Aphra as well, Tolvan traveled to Accresker Jail.[25]

Tolvan met with Accresker's warden on their prison-tug, to take Aphra away, ostensibly to perform her own interrogation. The warden, however, struggled to see what Tolvan could do that they could not, especially as they were defrosting a bor of the Mairan to interrogate Aphra. Tolvan persisted and convinced the Imperials to take her to the cell on the prison-tug which held Aphra. Upon entering, Tolvan ordered the other Imperials to leave. And though a lieutenant cited regulations allowing her to stay, Tolvan forced her to turn away and face a wall while humming, so as to prevent the possibility of the lieutenant overhearing intel. Then, creating a communications bridge through her holding cell forcefield via their electro-tattoos, Tolvan and Aphra plotted their escape.[25]

Stranded in Accresker[]

"That didn't come from Accresker Command! Who the hell is—"
"That prisoner down there is mine, buckethead."
―Tolvan and Sana Starros[26]

While Accresker Jail engaged a pirate station, Tolvan flew a TIE fighter around the flip side of the wreckage-prison, where she found Aphra, Dek-Nil, and the shape-shifting alien Lopset Yas waiting for her. Tolvan had sensor disruptors keeping her ship from being detected by Accresker command. However, a Force spirit then attacked them, destroying the disruptors. Aphra followed it despite Tolvan's objections and Tolvan was then contacted by Accresker Command, asking her to identify herself.[25]

Tolvan vs Volt Cobra

Tolvan shoots down the Volt Cobra

To make matters worse, the rebel agent Sana Starros, who was also looking for Aphra, attacked Tolvan in her ship, the Volt Cobra. As Tolvan's TIE became crippled, she jumped out with a missile launcher and shot the Cobra down. Both now without a ship, Tolvan and Starros shot at each other. As this happened, they both realized the other was trying to save Aphra and stopped fighting. As this happened, the engagement with the pirate station had ended. Aphra and Yas returned to Tolvan carrying Dek-Nil's head. Aphra was surprised by Starros' appearance and the loss of their getaway ship. A hubdroid then arrived and took their weapons from them. The droid Aphra for her interrogation while Tolvan and Starros followed Yas.[26]

Yas gave the Tolvan and Starros prison clothing to blend in as well as some advice for them now that they were trapped in Accresker Jail. Meanwhile, Aphra was being interrogated by the Mairan Bor Ifriem. To hide the conspiracy involving Vader and the Emperor, she revealed the presence of a highly contagious fungus known as gundravian hookspores in Accresker Jail, which had been generating the mysterious Force-spirit from the decayed corpse of an ancient Jedi. As a result, Accresker Command announced the decommission of the prison to the prisoners, including Tolvan. As well as this, Accresker Jail was now scheduled to collide with the rebellious planet Tiferep Major. As the announcement finished, Aphra was taken back to the other prisoners.[26]

Finding an exit[]

"Imperial informant system. Autoroute a secure message. Recipient's ears only."
―Tolvan sends a message to Darth Vader[27]

Desperate to leave Accresker Jail, Aphra hatched a new escape plan. She contacted Tam Posla, asking for him to deliver her an escape shuttle. Knowing Posla would decline, she had Yas shape-shift into his arch-nemesis, Doctor Cornelius Evazan. Posla saw "Evazan" and agreed to Aphra's trade. As this happened Tolvan and Starros watched as Accresker Command abandoned the prison-tug, leaving it to crash into Accresker Jail. As the they evaded the crash, they found the other prisoners rioting. One of them identified Aphra as the reason for Accrecker's decommission. The prisoners surrounded them as a result. The Force-spirit, though, attacked the prisoners in a rampage.[27]

Tolvan, Yas and Starros lugged a large gun dropped from one of the dead prisoners and blew a hole in the side of the prison-tug to enter it. They found a control room and Aphra looked on a terminal to found that there was an escape pod remaining. However, it was sealed behind bulkheads and the prisons gravity would never let it out. Tolvan saw a hologram of Tiferep Major and worried for the millions of compliant citizens that still remained there. As this happened Aphra decided to slice the terminal with Dek-Nil's head and lower the gravity strength and open the bulkheads. Tolvan was not listening and contacted Imperial Sector Control, trying to use her codes to abort Accresker Jail's collision with Tiferep Major. The Imperial on the other side assumed she was a rebel and denied the request.[27]

Fearing there was no other option, Tolvan went onto the Imperial Informant System to make an anonymous message to Darth Vader. She revealed her knowledge of his conspiracy to overthrow the Emperor and her location in this message in the hopes of him coming to find her. Aphra successfully sliced the terminal and lowered the gravity strength of Accresker Jail. After opening the bulkheads, she led Tolvan and the others towards the escape pod. Blocking their way was the gundravian hookspores, which Aphra had moved when altering the gravity strength. The hookspores possessed the four of them, but rejected them, preferring a more heroic host. Aphra began searching for the ancient Jedi is was housed around for his lightsaber. The fungus did not move and Starros had Aphra keep going for the escape pod.[27]

Vader's pursuit[]

"…Tell me you didn't."
"My rank—my command codes—they weren't enough! I needed someone who could cancel the planetfall! Someone with a reason to come, who—who wouldn't be scared off by the hookspores!"
―Aphra and Tolvan[28]
Lopset Yas frozen

Aphra and Tolvan trade Lopset Yas, disguised as Evazan, to Tam Posla

After reaching the escape pod, Tolvan and Starros entered it. Aphra then attempted to launch it without her and Yas. Tolvan realized this, refusing to leave without Aphra, she jumped out at the last second, leaving Starros inside the escape pod as it launched. Forced to take Tolvan with her, Aphra led her and Yas to the hanger of the prison-tug. There Posla's ship landed. Aphra made Yas shape-shift into Evazan, much to his protest of being used, and froze him with the coolant grille. As Posla got out, he confirmed "Evazan" to be alive and began transporting the chunk of ice containing him. The gundravian hookspores detected Posla, thinking him to be a perfect host, and traveled towards him. As the fungus approached to merge with him, Tolvan activated the coolant grille, freezing them.[28]

After Posla left, Aphra and Tolvan returned to the Jedi corpse where the hookspores had lived. Aphra retrieved his lightsaber and took Tolvan back to the hanger, where Posla had left behind a shuttle as he had promised. They flew it out of the hanger when they were shot down. Pursuing them were the assassin droids 0-0-0 and BT-1, who had followed Posla in search of Aphra. As she and Tolvan ran away from them, they realized Accresker Jail was about to collide with Tiferep Major. To their surprise, the prison then decelerated. It was Vader. He had arrived in his flagship, the Executor, and used its tractor beam to hold Accresker Jail in place. Aphra watched him arrive and realized what Tolvan had done.[28]

With no other choice, Aphra led Tolvan back to Bor Ifriem and told her to erase her brain.[28] Tolvan, however, offered to have her own memories erased instead—in hopes of saving them both, as well as allowing her to forget the pain Aphra had caused her. Aphra complied and used the Mairan to alter Tolvan's memory—but made a crucial change, altering Tolvan's memories so that the Imperial thought she had murdered Aphra out of jealousy. When Vader arrived, he interrogated Tolvan, pinning her to the ceiling with the Force, asking her of what she knew about Aphra. Tolvan explained her encounters, before finally, tearfully confessing to murdering Aphra. This convinced Vader that Tolvan had only called him over to save herself. He brought Tolvan back to his shuttle, telling his officers to put her in his chambers. Vader then sensed the hookspores and walked in their direction.[29]

Tolvan had a metal clamp over her mouth, but still used combat stealth signals to tell off the officers for their poor following of regulations. As that happened, Starros returned from Tiferep Major with a rebel squadron. They destroyed the shuttle, killing Tolvan's captors. Vader picked off Tan Leader, but decided to leave Accresker Jail on another shuttle after defeating the hookspores. He ordered the prison to continue its course for the planet to assure Tolvan's death. However, Starros landed her ship and found Tolvan under the rubble of Vader's first shuttle. With Accrekser Jail on a collision course, she was forced to abandon her search for Aphra and take Tolvan away instead.[29]

Changing allegiance[]

"I missed you, Doctor Aphra. I mourned you. Never again."
―Magna Tolvan, to Aphra[30]
Magna Tolvan

Captain Tolvan

Two months after the events at Accresker Jail,[30] Tolvan joined the Rebel Alliance[6] and became a captain.[7] Within days of joining, she assembled a squad known as Strike Team Misericorde for the Rebel Alliance Intelligence Service. During that time, she missed and mourned the loss of Dr. Aphra. Under Tolvan, they foiled three assassinations and uncovered two double-agents. General Airen Cracken gained a great amount of trust in Tolvan for this. However, she was also very open about her past and talked of Aphra a lot.[30]

After Aphra gained a lot of attention from infiltrating the Slinani Migration Shrine Red Mist[30] around 2 ABY,[31] Cracken sent Tolvan and her team to catch the rogue archaeologist before the Empire did, without identifying Aphra to them.[30] Extraction Team Misericorde ambushed Aphra and her accomplice Vulaada Klam on Unox. As Tolvan disembarked from her UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft, she immediately recognized Aphra[7] and deduced that she had altered her memory using Bor Ifriem. Despite her feeling, Tolvan stunned her.[30]

Tolvan took Aphra and Klam to the Trading Post Sh'ung-tesk to meet with General Cracken. Tolvan was ordered to take out several stormtroopers that they believed were tracking Senator Mothma by testing the Farkiller. Tolvan fired the weapon and destroyed the barn the stormtroopers were in. She discovered that the stormtroopers were not after the Senator but Dr. Aphra.[30] When Aphra and Klam returned to the rebels, Tolvan held a knife at her when she overheard that she would stop the alliance's assassination attempt on the Emperor.[32] As the two fought each other, Aphra told Tolvan put a Breath mask as Krrsantan came aboard through a window. Tolvan fought Krrsantan and subdued the Wookiee. Tolvan then listened to Aphra, as she described the Farkiller's capabilities and that it would kill more than just the Emperor, but also thousands of bystanders. Tolvan was surprised by this and allowed Aphra to take the farkiller. She asked that Aphra injure to make it believable that she escaped on her own. As Aphra retrieved the weapon, Tolvan gave her a Imperial command indent. Before letting Aphra escape, Tolvan told Aphra she both loved and hated her. Then Tolvan was knocked out by Krrsantan.[33]


Tolvan tells Aphra she both loves and hates her.

Tolvan and General Cracken watched as Aphra foiled Minister Pitina Voor's attempt to assassinate the Emperor and destroyed the Farkiller.[34] Around 3 ABY,[35] Tolvan and Extraction Team Misericorde were sent after her. They attacked her shuttle knocked out the stormtroopers and Dr. Aphra's father, Korin. Tolvan told her team to find Aphra and kill her.[36] Tolvan had Aphra's shuttle brought aboard the Unnamed. Tolvan knew she was still aboard the shuttle and was informed that the shuttle's cannons were powering up. She informed the crew that Aphra was aboard their ship. When Tolvan lost contact with Teezee-Too, she and her team went to the op room. Tolvan she had her trapped until it was revealed that she used Teezee-Too as a decoy.[37]

Tolvan was able to contact her telepathically through their recently-acquired Electro-tattoo, which she had had (ostensibly) obtained to help facilitate Aphra's escape from Accresker Jail. Tolvan was able to distract Aphra long enough to fire a warning shot. She fought Aphra and blamed her for making her lose everything. Despite that, Tolvan told Aphra that the Rebellion gave hope. Aphra tried to use the tattoo to find the name of the Rebels new base, but Tolvan resisted until they kissed and slept with each other. However, Tolvan realized Aphra learned about Hoth and made her escape using the shuttle. However, Tolvan's team placed a tracker on it and pursued her.[37]

Tolvan and her team took a U-wing to Ash Moon 1 in the Kartovian Formation. However they found only Aphra's father and Klam there and saved them from a creature. Tolvan took Korin and Klam to Echo Base on Hoth. There they listened to a message from Aphra, telling Tolvan to let go of her, and to move on.[38]

Aftermath of Hoth[]


Magna Tolvan assesses actions at Echo Base using her signature phrase.

During the Battle of Hoth, the Rebellion was forced to abandon Echo Base when it was discovered by the Empire,[39] splitting the Rebel fleet into several divisions that met up at separate rally points as part of the escape plan.[40] Tolvan, Klam, and Korin all found themselves at separate locations after the battle. At some point later, Tolvan was based at a Rebel Rendezvous in an undisclosed location. There, she was met by Starros, with whom Tolvan had been romantically involved after parting ways with Aphra. Starros had come to recruit Tolvan for a mission to rescue Aphra from the control of an Ascendant artifact known as the Spark Eternal, accompanied by the rest of Aphra's loved ones. Greeting Tolvan, whom she had not seen for some time, Starros entered the room where her former lover stood.[41]

Pawn of the Scourge[]

At some point, Tolvan would become head of a crew that performed miracles for the rebel cause.[8]

When the Scourge hoped to take over the galaxy and inhabit every body in the galaxy,[42] it searched for cyborgs[43] so as to understand the connection between cybernetics and organic components, which would help it to understand how to infect all organics. To that end, the Scourge found and infected Tolvan, turning her into a vessel for its conscious. While the Scourge failed to infect Vader, it knew it had found success by infecting Tolvan and two other cyborgs, Beilert Valance and Lobot. The Scourge stood in possession of Tolvan's body in a dark room.[4]

Personality and traits[]

Imperial turned Rebel[]

"It is my duty to negate any threat to the Rebel Alliance, without question or complaint."
―Magna Tolvan[33]
MagnaTolvan-SWZ97 Tim Brumley

Tolvan was a capable pilot and flew TIE fighters while working for the Empire.

Magna Tolvan was a human female with blue eyes, white hair, and light skin. The studious Tolvan dedicated herself to mastery of Imperial protocol, and in so doing, won high marks in technical and tactical engagement.[3] She believed that though some were drawn to rules of authority simply for the chance to break them, others like herself, craved discipline in order to make sense of and control their own inner turmoil.[23] For this, Tolvan was never lax in citing and applying Imperial regulations,[3][29] often admonishing the efforts of those who failed at adhering to them, as "sloppy."

Well-versed in combat and survivalist skills, Tolvan was, for example, able to overcome, kill and skin the Defel Glahst Ombra, later using the latter's pelt as a disguise.[23] Tolvan even managed to shoot down Sana Starros' Volt Cobra, using only a hand-held rocket launcher—and the element of surprise.[25] Under the Scourge's infection, Tolvan's eyes glowed purple.[4]

Relationship with Aphra[]

"Aphra, I'm your—well, whatever I am to you—and you still had to blackmail me."
―Tolvan, to Aphra[27]

Tolvan's relationship with Aphra was a complicated and tumultuous affair, with Tolvan in pursuit of the rogue archaeologist as a matter of bringing Aphra to face Imperial justice, but also because of the mutual attraction developing between the two women.[24] Time and again, Tolvan and Aphra would cross paths,[21][23][22][24] eventually consummating their romantic relationship, after their escape from Hivebase-1 and Lucrehulk Prime.[24]

Behind the scenes[]

"When I invented Tolvan, I was explicitly thinking…This hard-bitten, kind of very serious person chasing down this more whimsical person and the sexual tension."
―Kieron Gillen discusses inventing Tolvan[44]

Magna Tolvan first appeared in the canon comic Doctor Aphra (2016) 3, written by Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Kev Walker, on January 18 2017.[1] Her first name, Magna, was not identified until Doctor Aphra (2016) 14, also written by Gillen and illustrated by Walker.[3] During an interview, Gillen claimed he invented Tolvan to be a serious individual chasing a more "whimsical" Aphra. He also presented his idea of Aphra pursuing her emotionally at the same time, thus creating sexual tension between the two.[44]

In Alexander Freed's novelization of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, released on December 16 2016, it is mentioned that a female garrison commander stepped forward to offer Krennic a welcome, but was waved off.[45] On Twitter, Freed commented that, while the commander in question could be Tolvan, he was not aware of her existence when he wrote the novel,[46] as Tolvan had not yet been created at that time,[1][45] and so could not make such a call himself.[46]



Notes and references[]

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