A magnetic bombard was a magnapulse custom ordnance developed by the Imperial Department of Military Research. Magnetic bombards deployed against insurgent planets with high technology curtailed rebellious activity by literally sending the world back into the dark ages via the use of a magnetic pulse that short-circuited electrical systems, technological equipment, computers, communications, and droids.

Magnetic bombards had two delivery methods. The first was a cannon blast delivered from an orbiting starship of at least medium cruiser-size or better. However, the possibility existed that the cannon blast could be reflected back on the attacker. If that occurred, then the attacking vessel would lose power and turn into a drifting hulk. The second deployment method was via a cluster bomb, but deployment of a cluster bomb could be intercepted and destroyed before detonation.

The magnepulse bomb was designed to incorporate deflector shield generators and evasive computers, power cells and maneuvering thrusters. Deployable by any vessel capable of carrying TIE Series starfighters, the magnetic bombard was a clean weapon capable of nullifying resistance and retaliation via the use of modern weapons. The cost in creating the one-shot weapon was high, and the Imperial Department of Military Research pursued new technologies such as interchangeable cannon-mounted weaponry.

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