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"We're passing through the magnetic field! Hold tight! Switch your deflectors on, double-front!"
Garven Dreis[1]

The Planetary Pioneers attempt to penetrate the maverick moon's strong magnetic field

A magnetic field, also called a magnetic shield, magnetic containment field, or magcon field for short, was a type of electromagnetic field that was generated in order to contain atmosphere or other gaseous substances within a certain space.

Planets were capable of generating their own natural magnetic fields.[2]

Magnetic fields were used throughout the galaxy to contain the atmosphere within starship hangars, as well as to protect pilots who were forced to abandon their vehicles while in realspace and did not have the benefit of environmental or vac-rated life-support enviro-suits. In addition, magcon fields were used on starships to help shield against the effects of ion storms and other forms of potentially damaging interstellar radiation. Fields of this type kept in air, but were notoriously poor at retaining heat, resulting in cold temperatures.

Both Death Stars had quite large magnetic fields.


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