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"Will you forget it? I already tried it. It's magnetically sealed!"
―Luke Skywalker, to Han Solo[src]

A magsealed container, commonly encountered during the reign of the Galactic Empire

The magnetic seal, also called a vacuum seal or magseal, was a technology that utilized fields of electromagnetism to lock metal parts together. It was often used in locking mechanisms for boxes and chests as a security measure, either to keep a container from being opened and stolen from or to seal in hazardous materials.

In addition, it was found in many high-security doors and, sometimes, encompassing entire rooms or chambers, such as the garbage compactors aboard the first Death Star.[1] Magseals were also frequently used to secure prison cells and chambers in the form of an energy shield, like the prison cages aboard the bounty hunter Bossk's ship Hound's Tooth.

The most unorthodox use of magseals was probably in the armor of the clone shadow troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic. Their armor incorporated magsealed disguise plates that could be switched off at a moment's notice.[2]

A magsealed door inside the Peragus Mining Facility

Magnetic seals were designed to repel any particles that tried to penetrate them, rendering traditional weapons useless against them—blaster bolts would simply bounce off. One of the only ways to bypass a magseal was to disable the electrical feed that powered the electromagnetic lock, usually by slicing the lock.



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