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The Mahran were a sentient species native to the planet Mahranee. They had four-fingered hands, sharp tufted ears, a blue muzzle with a keen sense of smell and a coat of fur. Every Mahran also had a stinger that could release venom. However, a Mahran could only use his or her stinger once, as its venom would not only kill the target, but also travel to his slayer's heart. Although the Mahran were not telepaths, they could effectively determine other people's faint emotions through scent. The Mahran prized bravery, and attached great importance to their bloodlines.[1]

In the later years of the Galactic Republic, a male Mahran named Akar-Deshu was a Knight of the Jedi Order. Towards the end of the Clone Wars, Count Dooku and his Confederacy of Independent Systems attacked the Mahran homeworld in order to seize its natural resources. The Confederacy made it clear that all Mahran were to be exterminated.[1]

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The Mahran species was created by author Christie Golden for the Dark Disciple novel.[2]


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