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Arkoh Adasca was, during the era of the Mandalorian Wars, the CEO of the Arkanian bioengineering giant Adascorp and the eighth lord of the industrial dynasty known as the House of Adasca. The heir of the Adasca line, Adasca assumed his position at the head of Adascorp while still a young man, becoming a charismatic leader beloved by his fellow Arkanians. As CEO of Adascorp, Adasca inspired the Arkanian people by appealing to their sense of racial superiority, all the while furthering his forefathers' plans to exterminate the population of the Arkanian Offshoot sub-species. In the days of Adasca's grandfather's stewardship of Adascorp, a company scientist named Gorman Vandrayk had discovered how to control the minds of the exogorths, a species of massive space slug that had been discovered in many disparate regions of the galaxy. Adasca's grandfather had planned to use the beasts to elevate Adascorp, but Vandrayk wanted no part of it and fled—as CEO, the younger Adasca spared no expense to track Vandrayk down so he could use the scientist's irreplaceable knowledge to fulfill his family's vision and make Arkania the center of the galaxy.

Adasca's search finally ended in 3963 BBY, when an ailing Vandrayk was brought to Arkania for medical treatment and was discovered by Adascorp. With his goal in reach, Adasca set out to put his grand plot to make Adascorp a galactic power into action—once Vandrayk finished his work bringing the exogorths under corporate control, Adasca would auction the services of the destructive beasts to the sides participating in the ongoing Mandalorian Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Mandalorian warrior clans. Adasca would effectively be picking the winner of the war, and, as he would retain operational control of the exogorths, the victorious side would be forced to pay him tribute. Adasca was able to bring together parties from the Republic, the Mandalorians, and the crusading Jedi faction known as the Revanchists to his base on the ship Arkanian Legacy for his sales pitch, but his audacious plan met with defeat when Republic prisoner Zayne Carrick, Lieutenant Carth Onasi, and Jedi Master Lucien Draay worked together to break up the auction. Adasca himself was killed when Vandrayk ordered the exogorths to attack the Arkanian Legacy, and his treachery was covered up afterward by the Republic Defense Ministry. (Read more…)
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