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The Emperor's skyhook was the extravagant personal skyhook retreat of Emperor Palpatine during his reign as supreme ruler of the galaxy. The skyhook hung in low geosynchronous orbit above the Imperial throneworld of Coruscant and was tethered to the planet's surface in the Palace District of Imperial City via a long umbilical connection that provided turbolift access to the station. The Emperor's skyhook, grandiose in size and carefully protected, boasted a sprawling central park with a magnificently tailored garden of massive timbers and a climate-controlled jungle that was maintained by the Emperor's best horticulturist.

The Dark Lord Darth Vader and Dark Prince Xizor of the Black Sun crime syndicate met briefly on the Emperor's skyhook in 3.5 ABY, discussing the existence of a secret Rebel Alliance shipyard, intelligence of which Xizor offered to the Empire as a means of increasing his favor with the Emperor. In the meeting's aftermath, the Emperor arranged the death of his gardener after Xizor, greatly impressed with the man's botanical work, hired him away to work on the Dark Prince's own personal skyhook. The New Republic later gained control of the skyhook after seizing Coruscant from the Empire and used the installation to track enemy aerial traffic in Imperial City during a military operation in 7 ABY before grounding all of Coruscant's skyhooks for safety concerns. (Read more…)
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