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Grif Grawley was a Human male farmer who lived on the moon Sulon with his wife Carole and their daughter Katie. When the Grawleys became involved in an anti-Imperial demonstration, the Empire retaliated by burning their home in an attack that killed Katie and scarred Carole. In order to escape further repercussions from the Empire, Grawley and his wife, along with almost four hundred other Sulonese people, were spirited away by the Rebel Alliance sympathizer Morgan Katarn to the planet Ruusan. After helping the colonists settle on the planet, Katarn returned to Sulon. Years later, Grawley ran into an Imperial probe droid, PD 4786, while escorting his gra herd animals on a long-range forage. Grawley was able to destroy the droid, and, under the impression that the Empire had found Ruusan, tried to warn the other settlers, but they did not listen.

Imperial forces led by the Dark Jedi Jerec then attacked and destroyed the settlement of Fort Nowhere. The survivors turned to Grawley, who agreed to help them and soon became their leader, as they settled in the ruins of an old temple in the unexplored part of Ruusan. Shortly afterward, Morgan Katarn's son, Kyle, and his companion Jan Ors, arrived on Ruusan and met Grawley and his men, telling them that Morgan had been killed by Jerec. The younger Katarn came to Ruusan on behalf of the Rebel Alliance in an attempt to stop Jerec from obtaining the power located within Ruusan's fabled Valley of the Jedi. Grawley assisted Katarn in his task and led him to the native Bouncers, one of which, Floater, agreed to lead Grawley and the two Rebels to the Valley. While en route, however, the group ran into one of Jerec's probe droids, AD-43. Grawley engaged the droid in melee battle, and used his hunting knife to damage its systems. The droid carried Grawley on its carcass, flew into a canyon wall and exploded, killing Grawley. However, Katarn and Ors were still able to complete their mission, and successfully killed Jerec before he could fully harness the power of the Valley. (Read more…)
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