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The Corona-class frigate was a combat starship produced by Kuat Drive Yards for the New Republic. A successor to the successful EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate line, the Corona-class was designed as part of the New Republic's drive to modernize and standardize its naval forces, moving away from the eclectic collection of starships that it had inherited from the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The frigate was designed to incorporate the New Republic's philosophy of not allowing starships to operate independently for years at a time, and to be tied to a home base for support.

Physically resembling its predecessor, Corona-class vessels were intended to operate both independently and in larger fleet formations, as well as perform a variety of mission profiles, including reconnaissance, close-line fire support and anti-starfighter screening operations. They boasted an array of offensive and defensive weapons, as well as hangar space for thirty-six starfighters. Corona-class frigates were deployed to the New Republic Defense Forces by 11 ABY, seeing service during the assaults on the New Republic by Imperial Admiral Natasi Daala. (Read more…)
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