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The wife of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, Lady Thalassa Tarkin was a Human female of the influential Motti family of Phelarion. Wilhuff Tarkin married Thalassa for power, not for love—he had an affair with Natasi Daala while he was still married. Thalassa Tarkin, however, remained supportive of her husband and the Empire, even after his death aboard the Death Star. She then headed a megonite moss operation on Phelarion, hoping to sell the megonite as ammunition for the Empire so that they might further work to crush the Rebellion. Just prior to the Thirteenth Imperial Diplomatic Conclave, for which Lady Tarkin was the host, Princess Leia Organa infiltrated Tarkin's slave operation and derailed the transaction of the megonite going to the Empire. Darth Vader, who was on Phelarion for the conclave, held Lady Tarkin personally responsible for the mishap. (Read more…)
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