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Ashla was one of the two moons of the planet of Tython. Observing both Ashla and Bogan, the other natural satellite, the first settlers of Tython recognized the light and the dark aspects of the Force. Later, both moons were colonized by non–Force-sensitive Tythans who built stone cities there and subsequently settled the rest of the Tython system. During the final battle of the Despot War—a conflict waged by Queen Hadiya of the planet of Shikaakwa against the mystic Je'daii Order—many Shikaakwan pilots crashed their starfighters on Ashla, with the remains of the spacecraft being salvaged by the Je'daii after the war.

By 25,793 BBY, Ashla had been abandoned by the original settlers and was used as a place of exile by the Je'daii Order for its members who had veered too much to the light side of the Force. Those Je'daii would contemplate the darkness of the moon of Bogan, while the Je'daii sent to Bogan for straying too far to the dark side meditated on Ashla in return. One of the Je'daii exiles on Ashla was the Human Rori Fenn, who spent some time on the moon and then was allowed to return to Tython. (Read more…)
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