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Resa Greenbark was the daughter of Bomo Greenbark, a Nosaurian Commander in the resistance movement on their homeworld of New Plympto in 19 BBY. During the final battle of the newly–instated Galactic Empire's cleansing of the planet, Resa and her mother Mesa were evacuated, only to be captured by the Empire and sent to Orvax IV along with the other evacuees as slaves. Resa was then sold to Dezono Qua by Orso Meeto, a transaction which Bomo discovered. From this, he was able to find Qua on Esseles. When Qua was confronted by Bomo's companion, Dass Jennir, he revealed that he had eaten the child, an act which earned Qua death at Jennir's hands. (Read more…)
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