"Great. Mak's the only one of us being considered for Knighthood, and this is his first war."
Zule Xiss[src]

Mak Lotor was a male Human Jedi Padawan and Commander during the Clone Wars.



Kass Tod defends Mak.

Mak was one of the orphaned Padawans who comprised the Padawan Pack in the Battle of Jabiim. He seemed to be the eldest in the group, since he had been considered for Knighthood. When training with his Master, he practiced against training drones on Alderaan, but he never saw action until the Clone Wars. One of Mak's skills was creating earth tremors using the Force, which he used to detonate the land mines on Jabiim, but this greatly weakened him and nearly caused him to pass out.

Mak was in love with fellow Padawan Kass Tod, but they both were killed on Jabiim when a hailfire droid fired its missiles at him. Unable to divert them due to fatigue, he and Kass decided to die together.