"Are you serious?"
"I'm afraid so. Captain Gwarm needed someone to see off all those booby traps. And you were only too happy to oblige. My hero."
―Makkeer, to Han Solo[src]

Makkeer was an Azumel pirate who was a member of the gang led by Captain Gwarm. When Gwarm wished to search for the supposed lost treasure of the pirate queen Rane Mahal, his crew pretended to chase Makkeer into The Labyrinth on Kelada. The smuggler Han Solo believed Makkeer's story, assisting the Azumel in finding the three NP-unit droids that held the location of Mahal's treasure. Once Solo arrived at the given location on Sakreen, Makkeer sabotaged his starship, the Millennium Falcon, with an ion scrambler. However, when Gwarm attempted to steal the treasure, he found that there was none—the rumors were false, created by Mahal to draw starships to Sakreen so that she and her crew could escape the rocky world. Mahal's crew captured Gwarm's gang and stole their ship, the Hand of Am-Shak. As Mahal escaped, intending to sell Gwarm's gang to a slaver, Solo used Makkeer's ion scrambler to disable the Hand of Am-Shak, leaving the pirates stranded.[1]

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