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"You trained for weeks to challenge me. You failed. Victory is mine again."
―Fohargh taunts Bane[2]

The Makurth were saurians native to Moltok, a planet of rainforests and volcanoes in the Atrivis sector of the Outer Rim Territories. They often found work as bodyguards in the criminal underworld. During the New Sith Wars, a notable Makurth was Fohargh, a Sith apprentice trained on Korriban.

Biology and appearance[]

The Makurth were sentient bipedal saurians, covered in green scales. Members of the species typically possessed four horns on their heads; two curled downwards from the top of their skull, while two curled upward from the sides of the cranium. They were nocturnal carnivores who bore savage-looking teeth. Makurth could produce a terrifying scream, which they uttered before entering combat, and they were prone to snorting and flaring their nostrils in order to intimidate opponents.[1][2]


"I heard accounts of what you did to that Makurth. That showed what you were capable of."
Githany, to Bane[2]

The Outer Rim planet Moltok was the homeworld of the Makurth species.

Native to Moltok,[1] a planet of rainforests and volcanoes[3] located in the Outer Rim Territories' Atrivis sector,[4] the Makurth shared their homeworld with the Ho'Din, another reptilian species,[3] who traveled the galaxy from at least 5000 BBY.[5] The Makurth themselves were offworld by 1001 BBY, when one of their number, Fohargh, trained as a Sith apprentice at the Sith Academy on Korriban. Only the strongest apprentices, those with the potential to become Sith Lords in the Brotherhood of Darkness, were trained there. While at the Academy, Fohargh dueled the Human apprentice Bane twice. In the first of these encounters, although Fohargh was at a height and weight disadvantage, he had badly beaten the Human, who had mistakenly assumed the nocturnal Makurth would be sluggish during the day. The second encounter was a more evenly matched fight, until the Makurth managed to disarm Bane. Taunting his opponent, he appeared to have the match won, until Bane used the Force to strangle the life out of the saurian.[2] In later centuries, Makurth were frequently found as bodyguards in the criminal syndicate Black Sun.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Makurth species' origins date back to the production stages of the 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, as one of several alien maquettes constructed for intended use in the film's Jabba's Palace scenes. Among the maquettes scrapped before the film's production was "Alien 19," a design with a four-horned head.[6] In 1998, the Makurth were created by Decipher, Inc. using a modified image of "Alien 19" on a card for their Special Edition Limited expansion pack to the Star Wars Customizable Card Game, thus bringing the maquette into the Star Wars Legends canon. The card provided a short blurb for the species, placing them on Moltok,[1] a planet previously detailed by West End Games, with a pre-existing sentient species, the Ho'Din.[3] In 2006, the first Makurth individual was created by Drew Karpyshyn for his novel Darth Bane: Path of Destruction.[2]



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