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Malé-Dee was a Human male senator from Uyter near the end of the Clone Wars.


Malé-Dee in Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's office

A Human male, Malé-Dee was born in the Visdic province of the planet Uyter. Later in life, Malé-Dee entered public service. Wearing traditional robes that indicated his province of origin, Malé-Dee also wore his hair in a distinctive fashion which symbolized his desire for peace.

During the Clone Wars, a galaxy-spanning conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Senator Lexi Dio represented Malé-Dee's homeworld, and was a member of the Loyalist Committee. Despite her position on the committee, Dio was outspoken in criticizing the Galactic Senate's expanded powers, and strongly opposed the Military Creation Act. After the Battle of Duro in 20 BBY,[1] however, Dio was assassinated, and Malé-Dee was elected to take her place.

It was believed by his constituents that Malé-Dee would be less outspoken than his predecessor, and would take her place on the Loyalist Committee. Malé-Dee proved them wrong, however, and he too grew suspicious over Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's growing power over the Senate. Near the end of the war, Malé-Dee joined the Delegation of 2000, which presented Palpatine with the Petition of 2000; this document called for the Supreme Chancellor to relinquish his burgeoned powers at the war's conclusion, and denounced the renewed position of Moff. Palpatine was enraged by the screed, declaring its signatories to be traitors.

Behind the scenes[]

Malé-Dee was played by Kee Chan in Revenge of the Sith. Malé-Dee's name comes from his simple identification as "Male Senator" during pre-production character design.[2]



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